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Wow…news ways of thinking and treating AUD. That’s so refreshing to hear!

Trip B. New Paths to Successful Recovery

Thanks for this very interesting article…brings a lot of light to some things.

Charity A.

This is a great article, definitely worth the read!

Carla B. What is Unresolved Grief?

What a great article to help create awareness and help.

Kelly B. What is Unresolved Grief?

WOW! Perfect timing as I really needed it today. Describes my situation almost exactly, this helped me to see things clearly.

Judy K. Co-Dependent Detaches With An Axe

Really caused me to think and realize why I was doing some of my behaviors.

Penny O. 7 Deadly Needs

Wow…this is a breath of fresh air. I have dealt with every single one of these points for 4 years, and I finally have an understanding.

Andrew P.10 Ways Narcissists Take Control

Interesting. Knew the scenario, but did not know there was a name for it.

Susan B.What is Gaslighting?

Thanks for sharing! I am going to print this and use it in my groups!

Cindy P. Alcohol Cheat Sheet

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