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Let The Devil Of Self Doubt Go

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Let The Devil Of Self Doubt Go

Dear Self- Doubt, We’ve been together my entire life and have grown pretty close. Because you stick by me wherever I go, you have influenced my life in too many ways to count.

3 Ways You’ve Hurt Me

1. Every time I’ve had an amazing idea, or a dream, without fail, you’ve reminded me that it is a ridiculous dream and that someone else’s idea is probably better.

2. When I have the opportunity to flirt or accept a first date, you always remind me of my boring personality and that weird chip in my tooth that will certainly prompt a quick retreat.

3. You never stopped telling me the work I produce isn’t good enough, and my future looks pretty grim. But here’s the thing, Self-Doubt, we have been playing this game for 22 years and I’m tired.

Self- Doubt, I’m Sick Of You

I’m tired of never feeling good enough. I’m tired of never taking risks because of fear of failure. I’m beyond pissed that as I dream about my post-graduation plans and should be giddy with excitement, you give me panic attacks about ending up in a dead-end job and doing the same thing every day until I die.

Time For You To Leave

Well I hate to break it to you, but here is your official invitation to pack your crap and leave. You have outstayed your welcome in my life and I am formally revoking your residency.

3 Ways I Will Beat You.

1. I am going to succeed. I am going to live a life that is spontaneous and fun. I will believe in myself every single day of my life and every single day take on new adventures.

2. I will walk into the unknown unafraid, because you know what, Self- Doubt? You have already robbed me of precious moments in my life and enough is enough.

3. I will not let you exploit the wounds from my past and use them against me to hinder my life. From this point on you are no longer welcome, because I am one of a kind and amazing.

Self-Doubt You Suck

I know what I have to offer in this world is special. No one is like me. And I am more than good enough. This is also true for every high school and college person out there. Hey, I look at you at school and on campus and know you’re full of self-doubt, too, let the devil of Self Doubt go and feel the freedom of enjoying today.

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