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Kindness After The Storm

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Kindness After The Storm

Recovery Guidance is situated in the heart of downtown Sarasota, FL. For several days the eye of hurricane Irma was tracking right to us. Fear stalked us and everyone else in the state. What to do, what to do?

Some of us fled, and some did not. In a surprising twist, the storm veered east and the Tampa Bay area spared. We are grateful that our city was safe in the storm. But others in Florida and the Caribbean were not so blessed. It will take time for Florida (and Texas) to recover from the trauma of these two catastrophic storms.

Hundreds of thousands of people, including some of our employees, still don’t have power, phone or internet service yet. But, as one of the staff stated, “a cold shower never killed anyone.” And even living without a constant barrage of news can feel like a blessing. Our hearts go out to the millions in Texas who will be suffering for months. Everyone knows someone who has suffered terrible loss. Joe, our director of sales and development based out of Miami, returned to his home last night to find the house intact but debris and fallen trees in his yard. The cleaning and clearing work has begun for everyone in the path of the storms.

Most of the time we live our lives day by day enjoying the cooling A/C, the power to heat water for our morning coffees, and the news delivered with a click of a button. It is only in times of extreme inconvenience, natural disasters and war we find out what makes us, us.

Our True Colors Show When Tragedy Srikes

Do we reach out to others in time of need?

Do we check on our neighbors to make sure that an elderly person is not going to be left behind?

Do we trust that our adult children will function and survive with without our supervision and control?

Do we feel responsible towards our workplace family and not just use our jobs as the place we go to that pays the bills?

Have we given ourselves permission to grieve our loses?

Can we trust ourselves to continue the spirit of kinship when time are good?

Can we stop our hurried pace and give in the confusion of the day to calmness and peace?

Can we be more tolerant to our diverse nation and to people from all walks of life?

These storms are what is called acts of God, or nature. We couldn’t control or stop them. But other forces have caused inner damage and pain as different opinions and views and beliefs have torn us apart. Now that we have experiences real tragedy perhaps we can find ways to come together again.

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive by Gila Meriwhether

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Gila is a strategic planner and brand developer. She has a wide range of experience from being the business manager of a mid-size hospital to the case manager in evaluating retired NFL players for the concussion injuries rating. She has worked with national and international companies in the area of board reorganization, re-branding, and public awareness. Gila also brings extensive volunteer experience with local and global non-profit organizations.

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