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Mom Sends Message: We Do Hard Stuff


Mom Sends Message: We Do Hard Stuff

Single mom Shauna Newbold took up running and dropped 132 pounds to inspire her daughter.

At 397 pounds, Shauna Newbold decided to embark on a healthier lifestyle to set the right example for her daughter. So the single mom took up running and finished a half-marathon to send the message that “we do hard stuff.”

Newbold, now 36, suffered from a dysfunctional childhood, fat-shaming and panic attacks. But she decided to use that as motivation to support her 11-year-old daughter, Dizya, who is having a difficult time with her own self-confidence, People reports.

In the beginning, Newbold could only run short distances, but with continuous hard work she increased those short distances to miles at a time. She has since competed in a half marathon and half triathlon, losing over 130 pounds.

Now 265 pounds, Newbold says she is not yet done with her “before and after” journey.

“I wouldn’t consider myself an ‘after’ right now, I’m kind of a middle,” she told People.

For a long time, Newbold believed that she wasn’t “good enough” and would ease her suffering with food. She realized she was using her weight as an excuse for not doing things, so she decided to change her outlook and embark on a healthier way of living.

She’s had to overcome challenges along the way, including being body-shamed by a fellow runner at her first half trathlon, but she hasn’t let it stop her.

She hopes her journey will change the way her daughter sees herself. “If I was ever going to help her understand her own value, the only way to do that was to understand my own value,” she told People.

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