Covid-19 Self Care

Covid 19 self care articles, videos and recovery wisdom are what you need during this time of uncertainty and disruption. Here, you will find articles about exercise, staying healthy, avoiding conflict with family members and keeping occupied while at home. The self care articles address the special needs of individuals and families in recovery who face addiction and other challenges. Connection is the foundation of recovery and this is an area that has been disrupted by the epidemic. People are at risk for relapse when they can’t stay connected in meetings and fellowship with others. When you are struggling with substance use and stuck at home, life can also be very difficult for family members.  Domestic violence has risen across the country.

You need stress relief advice now more than ever before. Life before the epidemic was stressful enough. Now, for many, the stressors may seem insurmountable. Will I work again? I’m running into financial trouble, what can I do? How will I get through this time of isolation and no in-person meetings? We’re also stuck at home, so it’s easy to spend way more time than is useful worrying. We all struggle with anxiety, so finding ways to relieve stress and worry are critical. We collected some tips and asked some experts about how to get through this messy time. Connection is the foundation of recovery, and here in Covid 19 self care, we provide recovery connection you need.


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