About Us


Reach Out Recovery (ROR) is a 501C3 nonprofit founded in 2011 to help the 120 million people impacted by addiction who have nowhere to go for reliable daily information and support. We are committed to saving our families and children.


The mission of ROR is addiction education, prevention, and support for healthy living. We offer daily content for recovery readiness, recovery literacy, addiction prevention for teens, and ongoing hope and inspiration. Our goal is to lift the stigma from addiction and behavior disorders and normalize the recovery journey.


ROR was founded by Leslie Glass and her daughter Lindsey Glass, who themselves traveled the recovery journey from the chaos of family dysfunction and substance use in the teen years through the slow process of transformation to a decade of recovery success.Leslie and Lindsey Glass

We had no roadmap or reliable sources of information to help us build a new foundation to support our recovery and felt isolated and alone in our struggle to achieve a new and better normal. We knew other families were just as in the dark. 

As we developed ROR, we realized that the focus has always been on the substance users. All conversations have revolved around what to do and how to treat substance addictions. Addiction may have taken center stage in the public consciousness, but only 1 in 9 people who need help actually receive it, even with addiction deaths at an all time high. Even sadder, family members receive virtually no attention at all. We want to change that.

Leslie Glass’s story 

I never thought I would write coloring books for children with adverse experiences and trauma. I never thought I would be a recovery advocate, mother of a recovering addict, or recovery writer. Who was I? I was a NY Times bestselling mystery author, playwright, and journalist with a private foundation. I had long term marriage, great kids, and what looked like the perfect life. I traveled the country on book tours, served on The Middle States Commission of Higher Education and the New York City Police Foundation. I loved researching my crime novels. I also loved donating money to dozens of  nonprofit organizations, with the hope that my philanthropy would bring lasting social change. I loved everything about my life until teen experimentation with substances and alcohol changed everything.

In every family there is a catalyst for change, or a defender of the status quo that makes recovery possible or difficult. In our family my daughter, Lindsey, the co-founder of Reach Out Recovery, was the hero who launched the recovery revolution in herself and then in me. The result was so profound that I gave up my daily martini, my income and glamorous life killing people for a living. I became committed to promoting the recovery lifestyle as Lindsey and I have lived it. It was a lot of work without a lot of support.

Our is a riches to rags story in the sense that we give instead of get.  As the addiction crisis grew over the last 20 years, there has been little to no funding for what we do, and we did it anyway. There is no money in developing a state-of-the-art website and providing recovery information or developing books and tools targeted to people desperately in need of help.

If there were funding to promote recovery, the addiction crisis would not be what it is. Recovery for everyone would be a national priority, and writers like Lindsey and me would not have to worry about paying the office bills. Since funding has not been available to help 120 million underserved Americans cope with the addiction in their lives, I made the decision to invest the entire Leslie Glass Foundation in the mission of Reach Out Recovery. Our website and messages have reached, and been an inspiration, for millions of people. Lindsey and I have devoted every resource we have in this cause.  Now we need your help to survive.

Lindsey Glass received her BA from Johns Hopkins University and MA in Communications from New York University. Lindsey started her recovery journey 20 years ago and knows how difficult and challenging it is to achieve sustainable long term recovery. Only those who have been through the ups and downs of recovery can understand all the elements that have to be in place for recovery to be successful. Lindsey never wanted to be the poster child for recovery. Yet, she has devoted her production, communication, and writing skills to the Reach Out Recovery mission.

Together Leslie’s and Lindsey’s passion has been to develop the website, prevention, and recovery tools that students, parents, teachers, and families so desperately need to restore their lives, productivity and relationships.


Without a national priority to educate the public, addiction, a much broader and more encompassing health issue than the current opioid epidemic, continues to proliferate, killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. It’s not just opioids that threaten the safety of teens, young adults and families. Reach Out Recovery’s comprehensive website provides information in easy to digest articles that help people explore many subjects relating to health,  the family disease of addiction, behavior, healing and learn at their own pace. The comprehensive nature of the articles and subjects provide a wide range of information and support not accessible in one place anywhere else.


2019: Celebration of Service Award Returning Peace Corps Volunteers Central Florida

2019: Social Venture Award Innovations Journal (Philadelphia)

2019: 100 Tips For Growing Up, My 20 Years of Recovery, by Lindsey Glass published just in time for Recovery Month 2019. Adults 18 and up

 2019: My Family Is Hurting What Can I Do, 8 C’s Coloring book, by Leslie Glass developed for children with adverse experiences,  Ages 5-10

2018:  Find Your True Colors In 12 Steps, Recovery Activity Book 70 pages of coloring and writing that brings creativity and journaling together to support recovery and recovery literacy programs. Teen and up

2016 ASAM Media Award winning documentary, The Secret World of Recovery, reveals life on the other side of addiction produced and directed by Leslie Glass and Lindsey Glass. All audiences. 37 minutes 2012.

2014 PBS Station WEDU debut The Silent Majority, documentary features 5 programs that empower teens to make healthy lifestyle choices, produced and directed by Leslie Glass. Hosted by Lindsey Glass. Distributed in 2014-15 by American Public Television to all PBS stations. All audiences. Run time 47 minutes.

All recovery products are available in the ROR shop.


ROR’S proof of concept is its audience from all over the nation and the world.  The website is a recovery portal for unbiased, reliable behavior and process addiction information, daily news relevant to recovery issues, daily recovery support, and original content by addiction professionals and those who have traveled the recovery journey.


ROR is not affiliated with any point of view, or recovery group and is located in Sarasota, Florida. The creator of ROR also created Recovery Guidance, a separate for profit company that aggregates profiles and reviews of all mental health and addiction treatment providers nationwide to give direct access to providers for mental healthcare consumers seeking help.

Other content is sourced from:  Huffington Post, Medical News Today, Recovery Research Institute, Science Daily, NIDA, National Institute of Health, SAMHSA, LA Times, New York Times, CNN, ABC, Fox Health News, CBS, Washington Post, The American College of Pediatricians, American Society of Addiction Medicine, Health.com, Health Guide.org.

The ROR Creative Team includes

Jacob Cleveland, Illustrator, has helped create some of the art in our recent books such as, 100 Tips for Growing Up, The 8 Cā€™s Coloring Book, and Find Your True Colors. He graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design. His specialty is Asian inspired art, anything from traditional pen and ink to modern illustrations.

Haley Laferney, graphic designer, is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She is also a gold and silver ADDY award winner.

Samantha Curreli a graduate of Arcadia University’s MFA in Creative Writing Program and a freelance journalist for New Jersey music magazine, The Aquarian Weekly. She has had multiple pieces of fiction published in literary magazines and short story anthologies.

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