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  • Have you ever heard of high-functioning mental illness?

    Just like high-functioning alcoholics, there are also high functioning people struggling with mental illness. But, before we get into all that, you […]

  • How Do I Stop Being A People Pleaser? Do you know you are a people pleaser but can’t stop? Join the club. Many people find themselves people pleasers and continue to do things for […]

  • These Are All The Benefits Of Sleeping With Pets Many people feel mixed about sleeping with pets That’s because pets can be annoying to sleep with sometimes. Some pets snore and are restless, […]

  • B-Rabbit is having an anxiety attack: His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…

    You know this song. I know this song. Even Generation Z is familiar with Eminem’s 2002 smash hit “Loose Yourself” — […]

  • Cali sober — or California sober — refers to people with substance abuse who no longer drink nor partake in most drugs … except smoking pot. The Cut explores that some people who qualify as being Cali sober absta […]

  • Are You Struggling With Social Anxiety Social Anxiety Is Common But Many People Are Happily Living With It Social anxiety disorder — also known as social phobia — is a common, for […]

  • Second chances are needed to find purpose and to possibly even change the world. It’s wild to think that you may never know what someone or something is capable of until offered that grace. Trashcan was found i […]

  • Do you have a sobriety plan? If not, it’s time to make one!

    A personal sobriety plan has been one of the most successful tools for my recovery. Innately, I am a planner. I don’t like surprises, but more i […]

  • Look no further for recovery gifts this season! This article has you covered. I think it’s safe to say that V-Day 2021 snuck up on most of us. The past year has thrown a lot of curve balls our way, but we a […]

  • How To Live With A Child Of An Alcoholic We have tips for you if you are living with the child of an alcoholic Sometimes we find we are in a relationship that is more challenging than we […]

  • Living with a person who overeats can be frustrating for a multitude of reasons. Someone addicted to food is causing harm to his (or her) body, and watching someone be self-destructive harms you and your […]

  • The largest blessing of and contributor to my sobriety was finding my passion — kinkajous. Caring for these nocturnal, rainforest mammals gives me purpose, structure, and allows me to dream of a future beyond m […]

  • Having a recovery routine makes all the difference!

    What is a recovery routine anyway, and how do you do it? I go to bed around 4 a.m. I wake up around 9 in the morning … the in between is filled with […]

  • Passive aggressive behavior can come in many forms. It can be as subtle as an eye roll or as blatant as outright complaining about a situation. You may not be aware of them all, but one thing is for sure — l […]

  • Is there a control freak in your life? You may be living with someone who corrects your grammar. Maybe they refuse to admit they are wrong or always have the last word in an argument. Are they notorious for their […]

  • Has Food Addiction Become Your Cross Addiction Anyone else get sober and find they couldn’t put down the candy? Food addiction is a common crossover addiction for people who have gotten […]

  • Healthy friendships are positive and satisfying on both sides, but what happens when a good friend is an enabler

    Healthy friendships can be tricky. Do you have have best friends that you absolutely adore, but […]

  • Do you think you’re having panic attacks or is it anxiety??

    So many people all over the world struggle with anxiety and panic attacks but there’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about the […]

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    Quarantine envy is a thing when you’re stuck in a tiny inside space

    When does quarantine envy kick in? They say the grass is always greener on the other side — and my does that grass look extra green during a […]

  • Recovery books are great tool for Covid 19 self care and relapse prevention

    Recovery books are great companions and resources for maintaining sobriety at any time, but especially now while many of us still […]

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