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  • Placing blame on someone else is a deflecting behavior as old as time. Today, it is more widespread than ever — we see it everywhere. The mainstream media is drowning in politicians, celebrities, and o […]

  • Dealing with Isolation in the Pandemic means connecting every day both inside and out

    Dealing with isolation in the pandemic presents a different challenge to different people. Those who tend to isolate in the […]

  • The new explosion of non alcoholic drinks includes gin, whiskey, non alcoholic wine, and every other spirit you can imagine.

    Non alcoholic drinks that taste like real spirits are growing in popularity for the […]

  • Sometimes a person gives up the drugs and alcohol but there’s still a lot of bad behavior left

    Putting down the drinks and the drugs are just the beginning.

    Being sober is a bit more complicated than the […]

  • Honesty in recovery doesn’t come naturally and can take time

    So, if you’re already in a panic about telling the whole truth, don’t panic!

    Honesty in sobriety is about much more than just stopping the lies […]

  • Moving On From Toxic Relationships Toxic Relationships No More! Here Are 5 Tips for letting go and moving on Are you one of the many people stuck in a toxic relationship? Have […]

  • You hear the term wellness all the time but do you know what it means?

    What is wellness after a year of Covid? You may have been annoyed by the whole idea before Covid hit. Who had time to think about being […]

  • Relationships in quarantine from the honeymoon phase of togetherness 24/7 to cabin fever, irritations and beyond

    Relationships in quarantine are getting ugly. What can you do about it? In the 6 years my […]

  • What is CBD oil and what does it do

    CBD oil careened into our lives with a bang, when it was made federally legal toward the end of 2018. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (aka the Farm Bill) legalized […]

  • The benefits of meditation for anxiety are endless

    We have good news for you in the fight against anxiety! You can combat anxiety with meditation and it will work and help you feel better. It’s true. […]

  • Has your serenity taken a heavy hit over the past few years?

    You are not alone. Everyone’s serenity has been affected by the pandemic, by geo-political events, and social unrest. We are in complicated times! […]

  • What Does Gaslighting Mean And Look Like? The Term Gaslighting Gets Tossed Out A Lot But What Is It? Gaslighting is a tactic that toxic people use to gain control. It actually happens […]

  • If you wake up every morning with self doubt, it’s time to deal with it

    Self-doubt is hazardous to everyone’s mental health, but it is especially toxic for people in recovery. So, if you are someone who […]

  • If you think it might be a good time to detox from weed, read this

    First, congratulations for even considering taking a detox from weed. Weed can be more insidious than people think, which makes it tricky to […]

  • Family help is crucial when a family member or loved one is trapped in addiction

    Is there someone in your family who is struggling with addiction or alcoholism? You are not alone in this. 130 million people […]

  • There Are 7 Stages of Opioid Recovery There are 7 stages of opioid recovery you should be aware of if you or someone you love is struggling If you haven’t heard about the opioid […]

  • Opioid stigma impacts recovery so profoundly that many people with substance use disorder perish in secret rather than face the shame of trying to get help, and failing. Stigma also prevents family members from […]

  • Survivor’s guilt is not something you expect when you decide to go into opioid recovery

    Opioid recovery is challenging at best, but when your friends are dying, the trauma can become overwhelming. Many people […]

  • Recovering addicts are a mystery to people who haven’t experienced it within their family unit. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 19.7 million people (ages 12 and older) suffered from […]

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