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  • Dating After Toxic Relationships Dating after an abusive or toxic relationship presents unique challenges since most survivors experience chronic PTSD… especially if you were wi […]

  • Spotting a Psychopath Learn to spot a psychopath and keep yourself safe It was a bone-chilling conversation that I will never forget. The tiny hairs on my neck stood […]

  • Healthy Anger vs. Narcissistic Rage Do You Know The Difference Between Healthy Anger And Narcissistic Rage Most people believe that anger is inherently toxic or harmful. And that […]

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    Red Flags of Toxic Managers & Companies How to help new college graduates identify problematic workplaces Given our obsession with wealth and power on social media, the majority of us […]

  • Narcissistic Fathers Leave Lasting Damage on Daughters Toxic Fathers Can Cause Serious Damage That Won’t Just Go Away Please do not underestimate the long-term damage inflicted on the daughters of […]

  • What I Learned in 3 Months from 20 Men and a Matchmaker

    Five and a half years after my divorce, I decided to jump into the dating pool for at least three months. Instead of saying no to first dates, I decided […]

  • Do You Know Why You Sabotage Yourself? Is your life not what you want and you think sabotage might be to blame? To begin, you are not alone so do not feel bad about any of this. The […]

  • We Can Learn So Much From Body Language If we know what we are looking at We can learn a lot from body language Anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell estimated that we make and recognize a […]

  • Do You Attract Toxic Friends?

    We all know that solid friendships are vital to our mental and physical health. But do you find yourself constantly choosing people who aren’t good friends, who prefer to tear y […]

  • I grew up with guns so let’s talk about gun safety

    I grew up in southern West Virginia, where the hunting culture is deeply embedded in our psyche. In my own family, my uncles never missed a deer season. In […]

  • These financial tips make all the difference

    Why do I want to share all my favorite financial tips? Well, as my daughter and her friends finished their first year working in Manhattan, it became evident that […]

  • Do you feel you attract narcissists and want it to stop?

    You are not alone. Many people are magnets for narcissists and don’t know why, so let’s unpack this to learn more.

    When Anita’s live-in boyfriend s […]

  • There are reasons we choose emotionally unavailable people so it’s critical to know why so we can stop

    This is the truth. It is often adverse childhood events that wire us and cause us to look for […]

  • Emotionally unavailable people make tricky partners so time to learn the signs

    The good news is if you think you have a pattern of picking emotionally unavailable people, you can learn the signs and stop doing […]

  • Just because someone is a good boyfriend doesn’t neccesarily translate into husband material

    Before leaving for college, my daughter asked me, “What’s the difference between a good boyfriend and a good hus […]

  • We have an affluenza epidemic in case you haven’t heard

    The 2015 news coverage on Ethan Couch who fled to Mexico with his mother to avoid a court hearing is appalling. In fact, his successful defense of […]

  • A crucial learning experience in narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic behavior from The Tiger King

    Although most viewers are dismissing the second Tiger King as a trashy train wreck, both seasons of th […]

  • Friends are the people who define you. Really. As a teenager, I didn’t understand why my mother constantly repeated that, “Your friends make you or break you.” But as a parent, I have come full circle. I under […]

  • If you’re not teaching your kids about integrity, society might not

    As parents we need to develop the ethical muscle memory for integrity in our children, so that they will easily choose to do the right thing […]

  • It’s critical to educate your girls on predatory behavior found in colleges

    Every girl in college is at risk for assault unless they have the knowledge to identify predators and know how to keep safe.

    We […]

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