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  • Depression support 101
    It can be challenging to know how to handle depression in the people you love. What can you say to support someone, what are the wrong things to say? It gets really tricky if you don’t have […]

  • What's Enabling and Why Do We Do It If you come from a family with dysfunction or alcoholism you may know enabling Enabling is common and often we don’t even know we’re doing it. You […]

  • Teen grief is more widespread than ever before, and teens need help to get healthy. Covid-19 lockdowns prevented crucial everyday connections and school attendance. Even worse, most teens know someone who passed […]

  • Choosing the right therapy for mental health and wellness is kind of like choosing the right doctor for your physical needs. Mental health involves everything you say, do, and feel, but there are so many kinds of […]

  • Starting therapy, especially if this is new to you, may seem overwhelming. A way to make it more comfortable is to ask questions about the counseling process. Some clinics and counselors may be willing to talk to […]

  • Getting treatment for addiction can be difficult and overwhelming. Rehabs are often far away and expensive. Don’t panic. There’s help in every zip code if you know where to look and what to ask for.  Here’s a […]

  • Have you ever experienced a loved one’s depression?
    Depression is a tricky beast because it can make people we love act in very different ways. Someone who may be warm and present when they are not struggling with […]

  • Males survivors of sexual abuse are in the news with the #MeToo movement and the ongoing investigation of Internet porn and pedophile priests. Estimates show that one in six men has been sexually abused, but the […]

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    Bad news for the Baby Boomers. As they cross the 65+ milestone, more and more Boomers are bringing a high rate of alcohol problems with them. Here are nine reasons why drinking is a growing problem for the […]

  • There’s grief stigma attached to overdose and addiction deaths

    Grief stigma makes you feel even worse about your loss and your pain. It may feel as if people actually blame you for letting the death happen, or […]

  • Remember the game telephone we played as kids? One child whispered a secret to the next, then that child whispered what he or she heard to the next. By the end of the game, the original secret was hilariously […]

  • Yesterday, a teacher working in our local prevention program told us teen drinking is considered cool at school. How can teens turn down a drink when everyone else seems to be drinking? We’re glad you asked.

    The […]

  •  Blaming others keeps you stuck and hurts everyone
    Are you’re guilty of blaming others for everything that goes wrong your world? If so, you’re not alone. It’s natural to want to hold someone accountable for […]

  • Changing boundaries is changing your relationship rules, and that can come with angry pushback. In relationships and recovery, we talk about boundaries a lot. Boundaries show other people the behaviors we will and […]

  • Do you constantly feel one way or another around your family?
    Sometimes we get roles in our family without asking for them, or even being aware that they are developing. To begin, have you noticed that you […]

  • Parents everywhere are worried about teen substance use, but there are proven ways to help your child make healthy choices and stay on track throughout their childhood and teenage years. You may feel helpless […]

  • While the current DSM-5 focuses on the level of substance use disorders as mild, moderate, and severe, it can still be valuable to look at  alcohol and drug use in these three categories: use, misuse, and […]

  • Do You Know The 9 Traits of Narcissism There are specific traits to look for in narcissists What are the traits of narcissism? We hear the term a lot, and awareness of narcissism is […]

  • Codependency doesn’t benefit anyone so time to stop

    Sometimes we can recover from bad behavior, but a life situation or new person can drag us back into old, unhealthy habits. We’ve worked so hard to recover […]

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