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    If you are anything like us, you play the what-if game all the time
    The what-if game is when you imagine all the different things that can happen. This would be fine except usually, the ‘what-ifs’ we consider are […]

  • Holiday boundaries are still needed even in this season of epidemic. It’s still with us even though the world is opening up. Are you still getting together for the holidays? Is Zoom your new way of connecting the […]

  • Can you listen when you think you already know it all? Not really. When you’re listening to something and you think, “I already know this,” there is no learning. Subsets of this lack of paying attention to ano […]

  • Don’t let holiday loneliness keep you isolated this year
    More than ever, it’s important to stay connected and keep holiday loneliness at bay this year. Holiday loneliness can sabotage every one of our recovery […]

  • How you shop can make a difference in balancing your blood sugar rollercoaster. Let’s consider what you are eating from another perspective, and make a change by mindful shopping. Choose groceries with […]

  • Why do you need to add protein to balance your blood sugar? All day snacking sends our bodies on a wild ride. Blood sugar dips and swings demand sugary foods every 2-3 hours. On day one of balancing your blood […]

  • The final step to balance your blood sugar is to get moving. Movement is activity or motion, including unorthodox exercises like:

    Washing the car
    Walking the dog
    Scrubbing the […]

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  • Grief and sadness can catch you off guard when you least expect it. It’s been four years since my most enthusiastic cheerleaders have been gone. Between my grief and depression, there was a time that I didn’t thi […]

  • When the decades of life are attached to a societal norm of being, looking around often answers the question, “Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?”

    Children are children, and when someone acts as a child […]

  • I needed some break-up take-aways to understand what happened and how I should feel about it.  When a relationship is over, you don’t have to think of it as failed, but simply completed. Your break-up provides an […]

  • Eighteen months. That’s how much time researchers say it takes to heal. Eighteen months for each stress inducing life event. Be it marriage or divorce, birth or death, diagnosis or remission; the fact is that t […]

  • Where is safety in this confusing world with challenging issues all around us? What single thing do we all need to keep our balance and move forward with confidence? A quiet place to reflect and figure things out. […]

  • Summertime depression is real. The heat, the longer days, the vacations, the beach, the relaxation. The expectation that you’re supposed to be having a great time – but you’re not – can create stress and overwhe […]

  • Spring cleaning is an old concept that has grown beyond dusting behind the sofa. Spring cleaning can mean a deeper kind of de-cluttering that extends from our personal belongings to our destructive personal […]

  • “Am I enabling?” is a question people often ask when dealing with loved ones struggling with addiction or recovery. What is enabling? We want to help and support and encourage but often we promote the very […]

  • Elizabeth Viszt wrote a new post 4 years ago

    Detachment has many meanings, and many applications. One definition of detachment is “a state of being lost in thought.” Detachment is synonymous with being pensive, reflective and self-aware. Here’s how being sel […]

  • Stress eating may always have been your biggest weight gain problem. But now, with so many new stressors with the virus, job insecurity, and isolation at home with children or other family members, eating may be […]

  • What happened to the freedom to say no? No one these days answers the question, “How do you live your life?” with the answer “I’m afraid to say no.” But so many of us live in this space of answering yes to every d […]

  • “Will I be like my dad?” “My whole family are addicts; does this mean I’ll be one too?” Many children of an alcoholic parent are driven to “not end up like” that parent. Unfortunately, what we resist only persists […]

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