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  • Grieving Is Part Of A Painful Loss And So Is Healthy Letting Go

    Grieving hurts, sometimes unbearably, so why can’t we let the pain go and happy memories live on? Why do some people hang onto their grief while […]

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    Grief Losing Someone You Lost Long Ago: An Addict Death Doesn’t Stop The Pain

     How can you say goodbye—again—to someone you’ve said this to so many times before? Addict death is not just once. It’s grief […]

  • Do you live with someone who isn’t aware of his or her mental condition: it might be anosognosia. You may be familiar with the symptoms of this condition without understanding that it is related to a brain injury […]

  • Did you know that pain triggers addiction of many kinds

    Research is now showing that pain triggers addiction, but there’s more than one kind of pain, and more than one kind of addiction. That means you may be […]

  • Your enabler stop button can change your life

    What is an enabler stop button? You are probably aware, or have heard, the concept of co-dependent/enabling. What you may not know is that there is a Stop Button, […]

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  • Life after overdose is trauma beyond imagining for loved ones. My son Josh lay there in the trauma room comatose and hooked up to a ventilator and everything else that could be. As a physician, I was used to […]

  • Life after overdose is not a simple step to recovery as some would like us to believe…just as sobriety after addiction is not a simple recovery, either. Addiction and overdose are more complicated, and […]

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    Is Suboxone a helpful product to get off drugs like Heroin, or is it just another party favor? The truth is, it can be both.
    What Is Suboxone And How Does It Work?
    Suboxone actually can be two products. It is a […]

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    Lets first start with some medical information about methadone and methadone clinics and then discuss the possibilities/probabilities with this method of medically assisted recovery.

    Methadone has been used for […]

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    How to help an alcoholic or addict loved one, friend, or family member is one of the most baffling and frustrating questions on the planet. Almost all of us has asked it at one time or another? Do you know someone […]

  • I needed advice about my son’s drug use, but where to turn? As a physician, I have treated many families with addiction problems and there is addiction in my own family history. But I didn’t see how bad how bad m […]

  • There are many kinds of recovery and addiction. If you have an addiction to a person and the relationship ends not by your choice, you need a breakup survival plan. We happen to have one. Your first goal is to get […]

  • It’s a question many want to avoid. Where is the line that separates casual drinking and a medical disorder? Some say if you want a drink you’re not an alcoholic, but if you need a drink then you are (an alcoh […]