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    Maintaining individuality in a loving relationship requires quite a bit of self awareness and sensitivity all around. If you’re codependent or an adult child of an alcoholic (ACoA), you’re likely to be subsumed by […]

  • Who decides what’s right and what’s wrong when people disagree or have a problem to solve? How should we behave? Here are four steps for resolving conflicts.

    1. Define What Unites
    Conflicts are not black and […]

  • When you need help with a bully, don’t keep silent. From bulldozer bosses to pushy family members to spouses, friends and love relationships, bullying continues long beyond the playground. Here’s how it works to […]

  • Your holiday hacks for sobriety this season are all about planning ahead. Yes, holidays in general are a time for joy and celebration with your loved ones. In theory… However, if you are in recovery, holiday […]

  • A food disorder or an eating disorder are when food, not nutrition is an issue. Here’s an example. When your roommate tells you something like this, “I’ll do anything not to gain weight,” what do you think she m […]