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  • Bottom-up processing may be a new concept for you. It’s how we use our sensory perceptions to make sense of our world. Read on to see how it works.

    Bottom-Up Processing Verywell/Emily Roberts

    In order to […]

  • Tips on Self-care and Staying on Top of Things for Newly Single Moms

    Separating and getting a divorce is always stressful. It’s often a lengthy process that exhausts and depresses both partners. Moms, […]

  • Improving your health should always be a priority but what if you’ve been too busy or preoccupied to think about it? Now that you’re back to work after the summer break, or back to work after the pandemic, it’s […]

  • Suicide prevention resources save lives

    Suicide prevention resources are necessary because mental health is a crisis for thousands of people right now. The definition of the word suicide as given by the […]

  • Eating disorders can be crippling, but there is hope for long-term recovery

    Do you know how many people have eating disorders? The statistics are shocking; 9% of the U.S. population, or 28.8 million Americans, […]

  • What is Pilates practice and why you should consider adding it to your healthy lifestyle? You may have seen the name in exercise studios all over the world. But what is Pilates and why is it good for you? The […]

  • You can stay sane in the city despite the city challenges

    Can anyone stay sane in the city? I love New York. I grew up in the city and reside here now. I have spent many happy days ( and nights) running around […]

  • You might wonder why psoriasis affects self-esteem. It’s just a rash, right? Well, no. Psoriasis is a word that is often loosely used to describe something as inconsequential as a diaper rash on a baby, but it […]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is everywhere in the news. You’ve probably seen commercials about medications to help. That’s because so many people have it. In fact, in the U.S. 1.3 million people are struggling with […]

  • Do you know someone with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is frightening and calls for a reevaluation of priorities, a redefining of self, and relearning who you are. Life with MS is […]

  • Anxiety after a car accident is normal. If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that it’s not just the physical injuries that leave a lasting impact. Even when you have minor injuries after a car acc […]

  • Want to know if you need an alcohol breakup? What do your ex, alcohol, and that at-home haircut from quarantine have in common? It’s possible they are no longer serving you. Just like relationships with people ( […]

  • Infertility is a very sensitive topic for everyone. How can you handle it tactfully? The pain of a couple going through years of trying to have a child is hard for them and sad for you. It’s especially painful […]

  • You may have heard of it but do you know what binge drinking is?

    Are you a binge drinker or are you worried about someone who drinks excessively several times a month, or even every weekend? There’s real cause […]

  • When you focus on health for relapse prevention, you create new and healthier pathways in your brain. Suddenly you have new things to think about and new tasks to fulfill. Relapse prevention doesn’t mean just […]

  • Vitiligo changes the appearance of the skin, often noticeably, and some people with the skin condition may deal with poor body image and low self-esteem — it can be frustrating to feel different because of v […]

  • Sober living communities provide many benefits especially in cities like Boston where services and lodgings are expensive. Services in the Greater Boston Area are generally more expensive compared to the rest of […]

  • Alcohol free parenting is a new idea, and not a welcome one, for many people. But giving up drinking can make all the difference for your children. Here are five ways parenting with no alcohol at home will set […]

  • You may have heard of sober living facilities and wonder what they are. Is someone you know or love struggling with sobriety after completing a drug rehab program? A sober living community or facility may be the […]

  • Personality disorders are common, but are often kept a secret or ignored by loved ones and family members because addressing them causes conflict. Who wants to be yelled at when you make suggestions? People with […]

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