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  • Blooming Flowers Are Like People In Recovery

    Do you have friends who are like blooming flowers? They make you laugh and feel good. We all know people who just have that special glow. They have a good […]

  • How Is Your Mental Illness Lying To You

    Mental Illness, like depression and anxiety, as well as addiction have a terrible way of distorting your thinking. Your thinking is what keeps you sane and happy, […]

  • What Should I be Worrying about?

    Things I can control are the ones I should be thinking about. And look how many things there are that you can control. It’s common sense but really hard to do without some […]

  • Water Is The Grown Up Drink That’s Perfect For Everyone

    Water is a grown up drink. Who knew? Did you know why water is the very best drink for any occasion? What are the compelling reasons to drink water. […]

  • If You Knew Me Then Sober Quote Proves Change is Possible

    We love the “if you knew me then” sober quote because the debate over whether change is possible is proven. Right here. When people are in active […]

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    Recovery quote of the day

    Today’s recovery quote of the day is about breaking the old patterns. Do you have patterns or behaviors you keep repeating that are no longer serving you? For example, do you go t […]

  • Want a happy life? Who doesn’t

    To build a happy life, you have to have balance. Today’s recovery quote is about balance. Life doesn’t have to be a grind. We have the power to find moments in the day to e […]

  • If you’re the black sheep you can find others just like you and get positive connection

    Today’s black sheep sober quote is about how we often feel like outcasts as addicts and alcoholics. Constantly f […]

  • Thankful for another day

    Being thankful for another day sober quote of the day reminds us of all the trouble we got into when we were active and how LUCKY we are for every sober day. In addiction, we make […]

  • Happy hour has a new meaning when you’re sober

    Today’s sober quote of the day honors the nap! Naps are a wonderful thing and can help you reset your day at any time. Recovery gives us time to enjoy life a […]

  • Don’t worry about them

    Don’t worry about them reminds us that people who aren’t happy for you in your sober life don’t matter at all! For one, they are probably not happy in their life. Two, anyone who […]

  • I prefer myself sober

    I prefer myself sober reminds us that who we are in recovery is so much better than who we were when we were drinking. Alcohol doesn’t make anyone’s life better and once we give it […]

  • I’m not broken

    I’m not broken is our sober quote about the beautiful process that is recovery. When we get sober, there are times when we know we are not yet who we are meant to be and that’s OK! IT takes […]

  • Growing and healing

    Growing and healing sober quote is about how addiction recovery includes the wonderful process of not only getting sober but also growing and healing. We learn to find ourselves and […]

  • Give love to yourself

    Today’s self-love quote of the day is about how sometimes in life we don’t get what we need as children. Maybe our parents weren’t available or had issues themselves. For whatever […]

  • Relapse thoughts are common but you don’t have to

    Relapse thoughts can keep you in a shame and blame state. Today’s sobriety quote reminds us that slipping can part of the recovery process for many p […]

  • Being in recovery restores all the qualities you lost in addiction

    Being in recovery sobriety quote is about how recovery can return everything we lost in addiction or alcoholism. Often people talk about […]

  • The reason I don’t drink

    The reason I don’t drink sobriety quote gives one of the best reasons we know of why we don’t drink–we want to remember our good nights! So many nights were lost in drinking to […]

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