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  • If you are persistent you can have long term success at anything

    If you are persistent isn’t only about recovery. Today’s sobriety quote is reminds us how important it is to be both persistent and c […]

  • Recovery quote of the day

    Today’s recovery quote of the day is about being who and what you want. If you want to attract people who are kind and treat you well, you have to be kind and treat others well. […]

  • Our favorite happiness quotes collected for you!

    Our top 10 happiness quotes will make you…happy. Wonder why we create happiness quotes? Who’s happy all the time? No one! However, being happy is good for […]

  • We collected our favorite positivity quotes for you!

    Let’s be real, it’s not easy to be positive and cheerful all the time. No one is and there’s no point in pretending. That’s why having quotes about […]

  • Loss of self is when we’re floundering

    Loss of self is the slippery slope to despair. Today’s sobriety quote is about how important it is to make your sobriety and the whole of your recovery a daily p […]

  • Add life to your days with new tools to be happy and safe

    Add life to your days. Have fun. Learn more about recovery. Make connections with link minded people who can support your journey. Today’s s […]

  • Not a one time choice, sobriety is renewable every day

    Not a one time choice which would be so easy. One and done is not how sobriety and recovery work. You have to work it every day. Just like […]

  • Choose one of two pains

    One of two pains is really calling discipline and persistence a challenge. Challenges don’t have to be a pain. Today’s sobriety quote is about how every day in recovery we get the c […]

  • Why is it important to share your story

    Help lift the stigma of mental health and addiction issues. Today’s sobriety quote tells us that in recovery, it’s important that we share our stories with others. I […]

  • Family quotes cover the gamut. We always wonder how many families you know that are supportive, tolerant, compassionate, loving, and listening. Is your family narcissistic or nice? Do you know the characteristics […]

  • The secret of change is in your thoughts and actions. When you wake up today and go to bed tonight what are you thinking about? You can breathe to change your brain. That’s one way to change your habits to […]

  • Living for today makes makes everyday a possibility

    Living for today quote is about how in sobriety, our main goal is to learn to live in the present. Obsessing about the past is a useless thing to do, and […]

  • Forgive yourself first

    Forgive yourself first is about how in sobriety, often the most important person you have to forgive is yourself. It’s close to your first step after getting sober. Addiction is a […]

  • Not returning to what you were before

    Not returning to what you were before is your chance to reinvent yourself in recovery. There isn’t other kind of recovery that opens the door for living better than we […]

  • Our favorite gratitude quotes collected here just for you!

    Practicing daily gratitude is proven to help you feel happier and healthier, so why not give it a try!? There’s nothing to lose. We collected our […]

  • Younger ideals journal prompt

    Younger ideals journal prompt gets you thinking and writing about who you were and how you changed. We’re looking at relationships with this series of journal prompts. H […]

  • Dear Sober Me is a love letter to myself

    Dear Sober me quote is about how sobriety can open your mind and make room for real self-reflection and self-knowledge. The kind that leads to real, lasting change. […]

  • Sober quote of the day: Heal Yourself

    Today’s sober quote of the day is about how When you heal yourself, it’s about much more than sobriety. Have you been in a deep place of shame and blame because of y […]

  • Here are our favorite motivational quotes

    Collected just for you, we put together our best motivational quotes. Motivational quotes are great to keep around because they are a constant reminder of why you […]

  • This is a collection of our favorite friendship quotes

    “Friendship means a bond between people that connects them and lets them share each other’s feelings and thoughts. Someone is your friend if you feel li […]

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