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  • Bipolar depression is overwhelming so it’s critical to have tools when it happens

    Research from Boston University School of Public Health revealed that depression among adults in the United States tripled in […]

  • Accepting Bipolar disorder is the first step to learning to live with it

    Accepting bipolar mental illness can be a long process. It’s a common diagnosis and like any disability, learning to live with it […]

  • A Short Guide for Parents of Adult Children with Bipolar┬áDisorder

    I am addressing those parents whose young adult and adult children have already been diagnosed with Bipolar. Do not use this article to […]

  • Mental health issues can make dating even harder

    If you are single and brave enough to forge the dating world, I salute you. Dating is difficult — full stop. The constant mismatching, rejection, self-doubt, […]

  • Despite their aloof reputations, cats can tell when you’re depressed. I think.

    Ever find yourself heartbroken sitting on your couch with a wad of tissues, nothing to watch on Netflix, and when all seems of […]

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