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  • Personality Styles Are What Make People Easy Or Difficult To Get Along with

    How do your personality styles affect your relationships? How do you even know how you seem to others? Last week I took the Difficult […]

  • Leslie Glass wrote a new post 1 year ago

    Mass Shooting Trauma Affects Teen Mental Health What Can We Do

    Can we protect schools and teen mental health from mass shooting by adding guards and fences? Do you really think that making schools like prisons […]

  • When You Recognize Gaslighting You Can Begin to Deal With It

    It’s all around us, but can you recognize gaslighting when you see it in your friends and family? Gaslighting “is a manipulative form of c […]

  • Working from home has changed the way we related and connect with others.

    Are you working from home? When the pandemic hit, our lives were changed forever. Now thousands of people are either working from home […]

  • Do You Wonder: Why Am I Fighting With Everyone

    Are you picking fights with everyone, and you don’t know why? Fighting with everyone about everything can be a habit, a form of manipulation or a sign of […]

  • Family Addiction In The Workplace

    From Newsweek When someone has an alcohol or substance use disorder (addiction), they aren’t the only one who suffers from the illness. Addiction is a family disease that […]

  • Did you know that marijuana and cigarettes may have the same effect on your heart? Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use, it seems as if the smell of it is everywhere, just as cigarette smoke was in […]

  • The Art/Media Contest Poster Winner Jahzara Blake Is A Sophomore At North Port High School

    Jahzara Blake is the amazing High School Art/Media 2021 contest poster winner, hosted by ROR and sponsored by the […]

  • Spotlight on Art/Media Contest Runners’ Up

    We are so proud of our ROR and Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay High School Art/Media contest runners up. Our two extraordinary winners for positive mental health […]

  • ROR is so proud to introduce the 1st Prize Winners of the 2021 ROR High School Art/Media Contest for teen mental health. Reach Out Recovery and Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay joined forces in the spring of 2021 to […]

  • FACEing Mental Illness, a podcast and article series by award-winning journalist Carrie Seidman, is my favorite way to learn about interesting people who have lived experience with mental illness. Did you know […]

  • My name is Leslie, and I’m a sober executive, CEO of Reach Out Recovery. I stopped drinking 13 years ago (August 25th is my sober date) to support my loved ones in recovery. It was the best thing I ever did. You […]

  • Recovery advocate and author Leslie Glass writes for Newsweek. “After a decade of writing articles and books on addiction and recovery for Reach Out Recovery, I am now honored to write about recovery and business […]

  • Is addiction and recovery messaging totally depressing you and making you crazy? Have you noticed how people’s eyes glaze over when you talk about it? I talk about addiction and recovery every day both for R […]

  • Myths About Addiction And What Makes Recovery Work Myths about addiction continue to make recovery difficult. The names have changed, for one thing. You may not even know what you have when your […]

  • There Is Hope For The Mom Of An Addict If you are the mom of an addict don’t give up hope The mom of an addict needs as much support and hope that their child can recover from addiction […]

  • Counseling improves your life more ways than you can imagine. Just think about the arguments you have with loved ones. Are you bickering over the same things for years and don’t know how to stop? What about […]

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