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  • Food recovery turns out to be as important as sobriety. After two years of sobriety, I found myself 150 pounds overweight and miserable. I wasn’t eating to recover. I was eating the way I used to use substances. […]

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  • In order to learn how to fix adrenal fatigue, you need to know what it is and what adrenal fatigue symptoms are. A good starting point is defining the condition, because you may not know what it is. Adrenal […]

  • Lasting change is what recovery is all about. Quitting alcohol, or your drug of choice, is only the first step in the needed transformation that will make your recovery work now and in the future.  In recovery, […]

  • Domestic abuse can be fatal in a family, especially when drugs and alcohol are involved. As a child who bore the brunt of my father’s abuse in my family, and an ex-girlfriend of a violent boyfriend, I’ve some exp […]

  • You need a holiday eating strategy. Just think for a minute. Thanksgiving and Christmas both signal food, glorious food to us all. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t be strategic about our holiday eating. We all know […]

  • Baby Steps For Setting Boundaries Setting boundaries is hard for you and annoying (or downright infuriating) for others. It’s often said: the only people who get upset about your […]

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    Thinking that this might be time to start exercising but DREADING it?? So many of us have been there. For example…

    At two years sober, I was miserable: 300 pounds, depressed, and I hated my body. I couldn’t b […]

  • Sober weight gain was a shock to me. When I got sober, the last thing I expected was gaining a load of weight and insatiable food cravings. If that was advertised as a side effect of sobriety, some of us may not […]