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  • Addiction dysfunction and chaos are the legacy adult children of alcoholics. We’re going to give the laundry list of traits you may have inherited. Nothing is normal in a family where there is substance or […]

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    Toxic Anger Can Ruin Your Day Or You Can Let Go

    Have you ever had poison ivy? It’s a miserable rash that seethes, oozes, and blisters. It spreads quickly and can even scar. A recent brush with toxic anger […]

  • Religion taught me to put God in a box. Recovery teaches me to put my problems in a God Box. Everything I knew about religion I learned in Church, but everything I know about God, I learned in recovery.
    God In A […]

  • When my 39-year old sister died, I couldn’t function. I couldn’t quit crying let alone make it off the couch to cook dinner for my family. I thought I’d never find normal again. Yet life moves on, and I had to go […]

  • Did you know that letting go can open the door to hope?

    Detachment redefines hope when you can accept what is and move on. My story stars with a hope that couldn’t be fulfilled. I hoped for a large loving […]

  • Why do homeschooling parents need self-care?
    Because life was hard enough being a parent with school and help. Now, with homeschooling and many working from home, life is simply non-stop. Also, many are lacking […]

  • I’m usually really good at keeping secrets, but today, I’m letting you in on two biggies. First, my family has THE best sugar cookie recipe, which you’ll find below. Second, my family has THE worst trouble holding […]

  • Does the idea of forgiveness leave a bitter taste in your mouth? Mine too. The accountant in wants to reconcile the past while the stress eater in me needs to binge. Here’s how my accounting background and a […]

  • Brown butter is life changing. I drizzle this butter over steamed butternut squash, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. It is also great on turkey or chicken. It’s so good, that I have been known to eat it plain […]

  • These days, almost everyone is allergic to something. Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free. Collectively, when we consider everyone’s potential allergies and preferences, green beans are often the only thing left […]

  • Thanksgiving triggers can cause misery every year. Here’s an example. Eight years ago, my mother-in-law and I had a huge Thanksgiving feud. She said some things, and for the first time ever, I said some things […]

  • I’ve reached the point in recovery where I need to make amends. My husband thought this day would never come. He’s been waiting for over a decade for me to admit I was wrong, but before I address his concerns, I m […]

  • Seven years ago, when I first entertained the idea of going to a meeting, I was scared and confused. Was Al-Anon another way to abbreviate Alcoholics Anonymous? Would it really help? As if anything could. Over the […]

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    A few weeks ago, I met a new friend at church. We chatted about how old our kids are and where they go to school, the usual new friend fodder. Then she asked me why we decided to go to our church. It’s a typical […]

  • Some ingredients, like lemons, are naturally bitter. That’s why we balance them with something that’s naturally sweet. The same principle applies to bitterness, like the time when my sister-in-law bit my […]

  • Are you addicted to love? Do you even know what that means?
    Being addicted to love is very common and many people experience it but have no idea what it is or how to deal with it. No, my friends, this isn’t a […]

  • For years I struggled with infertility and grew to hate Mother’s Day. For many people, Mother’s Day isn’t a happy brunch with a sappy card. It’s sadness, regret, division, resentment, worry, and grief. Those are m […]

  • Co-Dependency often puts me between a rock and a crazy place because I want to please everyone all the time. In the end, no one’s happy, especially me. Here’s my strategy for doing what I please first and not […]

  • Before I found recovery, I thought my grown-up life to be like TV shows. When no one followed my script for their lives, my expectations led to resentment.

    Ideally, my family of three would join my extended […]

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