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  • Do you need support for your anxiety about the future? Get a worry stone like this: place it in your palm, rub with your thumb and soothe your worries away the ancient way. It works. New Year’s recovery gifts will […]

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    Introverts, we know how valuable our alone time is. So, after a long day of socializing, how do you recharge and destress? Take the quiz below to find out what kind of introvert you are!

  • We can’t wait to get back to normal! While we’re still working on getting fully vaccinated, it’s fun to dream about the activities we can try once we’re protected. Take the quiz below to find out what you should […]

  • There’s no room for toxic friends. Toxic friendships don’t have to be tolerated, so walk away. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s possible. After being involved in a couple lengthy, sour camaraderies, I rea […]

  • Recovery is hard—especially early recovery. It’s a given. Everyone has a tough time sticking with it, so any extra aids and tips are basically gold. Because it’s the 21st century, a number of apps have been crea […]

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    Self care ideas for your home are just the thing to prepare for winter. Heading into fall and the celebration months is the perfect time to make some easy changes to lift your spirits and enhance your home in […]

  • You’re Not Crazy – Gaslighters Are

    What is malignant narcissism? It’s not really a diagnostic term, but we like it because nothing malignant is good for you. Narcissism is a character disorder in which a […]

  • We’ve had to change a lot about our behaviors and routines during the pandemic. Huggers can no longer give hugs, hand sanitizer is now just as necessary as your house keys if leaving home. We tiptoe around people […]

  • It can be hard to figure out how you can be your best self at the best of times. Now in isolation you have different challenges. If you’re sitting around the house alone, it’s easy to lose that sense of normalcy. […]

  • Sometimes, it’s easy to blame someone else for a failed friendship/relationship. It can also be difficult to tell when we’re friends with a toxic person – they don’t always show their true colors right away. But […]

  • How To Keep Positive Around Toxic People

    It’s important to keep positive around toxic people. Face it – we work hard to surround ourselves with pleasant, supportive people, but sometimes we have to put up with […]

  • How To Stop Overthinking Everything

    Stop overthinking everything – easier said than done, right? I know the feeling: You’re out with a new group of people and you want to say something, but every time you […]

  • Who doesn’t have a toxic past?

    Surviving a toxic past is necessary for any path – especially in recovery. Seriously, if you’re a person in recovery or multiple 12-step programs, which many of us are, it’s […]

  • Why Is It Difficult Leaving Abusive Relationships?

    It’s difficult leaving abusive relationships. Those who haven’t experienced this kind of abuse don’t understand the emotional grip these abusers have on their […]

  • Day one of social distancing: You feel fine – almost appreciate the time spent indoors. The weather still isn’t that great, you can binge-watch your favorite shows, catch up on sleep. It’s great, right? For a lot […]

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