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  • It’s perfectly fine to take a break – you’re only human. The Coronavirus is taxing on us all, no matter what our situation may be. Whether we are located in a hot spot where we’re locked down in our homes or […]

  • When home from work and school for so long, it can be tough to come up with activities for kids. Their energy seems endless – and if you are working from home, it can become difficult to keep a peaceful balance […]

  • Coronavirus stress affects the body in serious ways. Some stress effects shocked me. We all know about that upset stomach and tight chest- the fluttering heart that just won’t slow down until you calm down. And […]

  • There are certain things you just don’t need to stock up on. You’ve seen the grocery store shelves. Half of the lanes are bare and the other half haven’t been touched. Aisles that wouldn’t usually be visited on […]

  • With the Coronavirus in our midst, most of us have found ourselves with a little (a lot) more free time. That means it’s time to declutter. I know. Not the most exciting chore. But necessary to avoid progressing […]

  • Self care activities need to go beyond the usual mani pedi and massage. Both because many of us still can’t do those things safely, and they are not as time-consuming and soul nurturing as some of us need right […]

  • We love to bake. So, we wanted to share an easy-to-follow Irish soda bread recipe to help you get in the mood to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while in isolation. Face it – we all need a distraction these days. […]

  • How To Overcome Narcissistic Abuse

    So, you’ve finally escaped narcissistic abuse. Now you have to accept that the abuse is not your fault. Be sure you don’t allow the trauma of narcissism trap you into having […]

  • Forget The Word “Perfection”

    Forget the word “perfection.” There’s no such thing, so stop looking for it. While it would be great to have no faults, it’s impossible. It’s important to understand and be aware […]

  • It’s Time To Give Back To Yourself

    Stop worrying about others – it’s time to give back to yourself. It’s so easy to get caught up in others’ lives and worry about their needs. But you need to remember to love […]

  • Do You Know How To Say No?

    Did you know that you have the freedom to say no? It seems that the word “no” is almost taboo to say. We pile so many tasks on our plate and, when it’s out of hand, we agree to […]

  • When Is It Time To Let Go?

    It’s hard to say goodbye, but when is it time to let go? Many of us tend to hold on to that person or thing far too long – and it takes a huge toll on us. Whether we don’t want to […]

  • Life can get pretty crazy, but it’s important to remember that you’re only human – it’s okay to feel. You don’t always have to be the strong superhero. It gets exhausting swallowing your emotions to appease […]

  • Negative Consequences Impact Everyone

    Did you know that negative consequences impact everyone? They don’t just impact the addict in the household. Keeping secrets within the family, especially when it comes to […]

  • Sometimes You’re Your Biggest Bully

    Have you ever stopped to think that you’re your biggest bully? When was the last time you stopped and really considered how you’re talking to yourself? What’s your inner […]

  • Is It A Stable Or Toxic Relationship?

    Is it a stable or toxic relationship? Am I a toxic friend? Is my friendship toxic? It can be hard to tell when you’re not really thinking about the characteristics of your […]

  • Healthy vs. Toxic Friendships

    Healthy vs. toxic friendships – what’s the difference between the two? Sometimes, toxic friends are easy to spot; others, not so much. Like toxic relationships, unhealthy […]

  • Don’t Look Back – The Present Is Calling You

    Don’t look back – it’s time to let go of the past and allow yourself to grow. Do not let any shame hold you back. Things happened, but you’re here now, either proud […]

  • Do You Know How To Take Care Of Yourself?

    Do you know how to take care of yourself? This doesn’t necessarily mean paying your bills, getting some sleep, and maintaining your career. This is all about […]

  • If They Don’t Know They’re Wrong, It’s Not Worth It

    We’ve all had arguments with someone who simply won’t assume responsibility for their mistakes. They either deflect the blame, or lay it on you. When they […]

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