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  • Feeling Angry Is Normal, Acting Out Hurts Everyone

    Feeling angry all the time is often a characteristic of someone who has experienced trauma or been hurt. It’s also part of addiction. How do anger and […]

  • From Dr. Tian Dayton, Forgiving Parents: Breaking the Chain of Anger, Resentment and Pain –¬† Triggered pain is so confusing to decode and deal with. Primarily, emotional responses to childhood trauma are recorded […]

  • Taking responsibility means being able to say “my bad” when things don’t turn out well and not keep pretending it’s someone else’s fault. Say you didn’t do something you were supposed to do and the […]

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  • Gratitude for children of alcoholics doesn’t come easy. Feeling gratitude is difficult when there is abuse and neglect in your past. Here are 7 ways children of alcoholics can feel grateful this holiday season […]

  • Does what happened in the past stay in the past? Absolutely not. One of the most significant triggers for childhood relationship trauma are adult relationships.

    If our partner, for example, gets angry or […]