Recovery books are great tool for Covid 19 self care and relapse prevention

Recovery books are great companions and resources for maintaining sobriety at any time, but especially now while many of us still social distancing or quarantining. Remember that recovery is all about finding new ways to think, act, and react. That’s the reason all recovery programs, including 12 step programs include books and workbooks that introduce and reinforce new tools and goals.

Recovery in Covid 19 has created new challenges reading can help keep focus on the positive

Instead of in person meetings, we are relying on technology to fulfill our needs to stay sober. What are you doing to stay safe? Don’t despair. Whatever is happening around you, you recovery toolbox is still based on the basics — they’re just higher tech. In sobriety, you hear a lot about the tools you need to utilize— such as meetings, your sponsor, step work, and your support network. You socialize a lot with others in recovery. And of course, there is a lot of reading and writing involved for education and self-assessment. But, what about recovery books? What are you reading right now. Maybe you need a few new suggestions.

When it comes to recovery books, it’s easy to forget that there is a world of resources outside the “usual suspects.” Many of us are familiar with “The Big Book,” “As Bill Sees It,” and the “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions,” which are all keystones to 12-step recovery programs. Today I want to discuss various other recovery books that are popular among the sober community. And what better way to social distance than to read a book!

Top recovery books

Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects – Steps Six and Seven by Bill P., Todd W., and Sara S. is a great way to level up growth regarding your character defects. This resource to help you clean house is important at any point in recovery, but present time is a perfect opportunity. A predicament such as the coronavirus pandemic can challenge our sobriety. It certainly wasn’t planned and it is no one’s fault. We have no control over the situation or behaviors of those around us, but we do have the ability to make the most of the situation. What a great time to dive headfirst into our journey of self-evaluation and change by tackling this practical guide of letting your character defects go.

The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth by M. Scott Peck is on my weekly reading list with my sponsor. Holy wow is all I have to say. It’s a long read, because there is so much to chew through. It’s a profound look at our intellectual and spiritual lives both influenced by interior and exterior variables in our upbringing, environment, ideals, and so much more. I promise, you’ll read a chapter and it will light up your life with ah-ha moments. You’ll never look at your childhood or therapy the same again — in a good way. And above all, you’ll truly realize you are not alone.

by Lysa TerKeurst is another popular choice! In short you are saying “yes” to a higher power, but I think this quote gives an excellent synopsis as well:

Sobriety has given me so many wonderful gifts and opportunities but I have a tendency to fill my plate and forget to take care of me. “The Best Yes” taught me to stop people pleasing and burning the candle at both ends and instead to use my best yes when committing to projects, plans, etc., definitely a good read if you have an overwhelmed schedule and an underwhelmed soul.

Lysa TerKeurst

Favorite recovery books of recovering addicts

I asked a group of recovering addicts what their go-to sobriety book was and multiple enthusiastically suggested The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer. This No. 1 New York Times Bestseller offers you a guide to free your soul and learn how to act beyond boundaries. Sometimes as recovering addicts we feel limited by our disease or consequences and therefore, it becomes routine to live an inhibited life. It’s time to break the chains through mindfulness and meditation to develop a new way of thinking — and this book will help you do just that.

Sobriety and Beyond by Father John Doe is a barrier breaker! This 12-step based book explores the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. It breaks down the essential and continuing truths contained in the 12 steps. Raving reviews insist to look past assuming there is religious weight to the book because the author is a priest … I know this can be a turn off to some addicts. Its spiritual- and program-based roots lead a reader to a heightened self-awareness and sobriety. Sign me up!

New recovery books with journaling and coloring

Did you know that Reach Out Recovery also has a collection of recovery- and wellness-based books? From adults to kids, we have you covered. 100 Tips For Growing Up: My 20 Years of Recovery by Lindsey Glass is an interactive journey based on her 20+ years of recovery and therapy experience. There is literally something for every age within this book. There are places journal and answer prompts so the reader stays engaged and relates on a more intimate level. It’s a perfect guidebook for life skills — the topics it touches exceed the recovery world.

Maybe you’re tired of reading words on a page. As a writer, I’ll admit, I need a break from looking at words so I color. Find Your True Colors In 12 Steps is the perfect mix of recovery to meditate on while you decompress and color designs to get lost in. Naturally, my personal favorites are the animal pictures, but it has everything from mandalas to bubbled words. It is the perfect mindful activity to get lost in.

For those in recovery stuck in quarantine, you now have a heck of a recovery book list to tackle! Explore different topics and kinds of books to find what really suites rocketing you beyond the fourth dimension. There are so many avenues of grow out there … explore them all.

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