Portable Diffuser With Essential Oil

Take your aroma therapy with you. Charming way to sweeten your environment. These Ceramic Diffuser & Diffusing Oil Gift Sets provide a portable touch of beauty; wherever, whenever. The Ceramic Diffuser porous stone features an elegant nature inspired design and quickly absorbs, retains and gently emits a concentrated blend of diffusing oil. 2pc. gift box set includes Floral Design Stone with Lavender Diffusing Oil, Floral Design Stone with Sweet Orange Diffusing Oil, Leaf Design Stone with Peppermint Diffusing Oil. Oils-5 ml/0.1 fl oz.

  • 2pc. Gift Set
  • Ceramic stone quickly absorbs & gently releases fragrance
  • 3 Stone designs & diffusing oils


Diffusing oil

Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Orange


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Free gift with all shipped purchases!

Free gift with all shipped purchases!