Sapphire, Pearl, And Amethyst Eyeglass or Mask Chain

One of a kind precious stone chain to make a fashion statement and stay safe this season.  Tiny, faceted deep blue sapphire and amethyst beads and freshwater pearls strung just for us. We’ve created the precious chain to meet your need to keep your mask clean and handy, or your glasses secure. Wear three ways. Hook your glasses in the golden ring. Remove the ring to attach directly to your mask. Hook the ends together and wear as a good luck necklace. Exclusive to ROR. Made in America. The perfect gift for yourself or a special friend. When it’s gone, it’s gone. All sales final.


Guess what? Never lose your mask or glasses again. You can now wear real jewelry to protect your mask. We’ve created just the thing. It’s a necklace with tiny sparkly precious stones that you can wear three ways. It’s an eyeglass chain. It’s a mask chain. The accessories for your chain are included. Golden open ring, and eyeglass holders. Just add and remove to suit the occasion. We have a collection of chains for everyday and evening. All sales final. This is the only one. When it’s gone, it’s gone.


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Have You Explored Our Shop Yet?