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Recovery Guidance new website for 2018

Addiction Basics

Recovery Guidance new website for 2018

Recovery Guidance new website for 2018

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It would seem that you can find answers for everything on the Internet, but addiction and mental healthcare consumers have been in the dark about the kinds of care they need and where to find it. To fill the void, the Reach Out Recovery founder created a new website, Recovery Guidance, to provide consumers with direct access to all providers of addiction and mental healthcare near them. The new website was designed with both consumers and providers in mind.

Mental Healthcare Joins Addiction Recovery

Recovery Guidance is the only website that lists both mental healthcare providers including therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and addiction treatment providers including rehabs, out patient services, hospitals, recovery residents and local programs. Formerly mental healthcare services have been listed on mental healthcare websites where consumers looking for addiction treatment haven't been able to find them. RG lists mental healthcare providers and and addiction providers together for the first time.

There is an Assess Yourself banner on every page to help people identify what category of providers they should start their search.

Unbiased Reviews Brings Credibility To The Field

In a field with no accountability, Recovery Guidance is the only website that offers consumers of addiction and mental healthcare treatment the opportunity to review their experience of care. You can think of Recovery Guidance as the Yelp or Healthgrades of recovery. While Reach Out Recovery is a 5013c nonprofit information site, Recovery Guidance is a separate company, and for profit listing site, guided by business leaders in the mental healthcare field, Internet developers with expertise in listing sites and traffic generation, and leaders in the addiction and mental health fields including Dr. Tom Mclellan, Founder of Treatment Research Institute, Senior Editor of the Surgeon General's Report on Addiction (2016).  The goal of Recovery Guidance is to bring transparency to the recovery industry and help consumers find the treatments they need to succeed.

Recovery Guidance Is Recovery 2018

As a mom, dealing with teen substance use and addiction years ago, I simply couldn’t find the help my family needed on the Internet. There were dozens of referral sites and ads for rehabs, but they are confusing. I didn’t know who to trust. There were no reliable unbiased reviews, and no outcomes to compare. As experts in the field will tell you, it's impossible to compare facilities in a field where there is no accountability, no standardization of care, and no published outcomes.  As the addiction and opioid epidemic worsened over the last decade, we, at Reach Out Recovery, saw tens of thousands of families losing loved ones* with no idea where to turn. The media keeps showing the end stages of addiction, but the way recovery actually works or where to find it have not been reporting priorities. We knew we had to do something about it.

The Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction was published in November 2016. In it, 30 years of research reveals there is no one kind of treatment that fits everyone, there are many paths to recovery.

Recovery from addiction (Substance Use Disorder) doesn’t happen with only one component, like rehab or medically assisted treatment. Like, heart disease and diabetes that require a life-changing program that includes: medication, diet, and exercise,  successful treatment for addiction recovery includes many components.

The Treatments That Brought Our Family Long Term Recovery

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires many different kinds of help over a lifetime. In addition, it is a family disease in which everyone is affected. As a mom, I needed therapy and a program for family issues, better communication, financial management, enabling, and co-dependency. Our family has used all of the components below (except bio feedback) to achieve our longterm recovery.

  • Out-patient treatment over a period of years
  • Inpatient 30-day rehab
  • Recovery Residence (sober living for 30 days or many months)
  • Individual and family therapy with a counselor, social worker, or psychologist
  • Treatment with a psychiatrist
  • Bio-feedback
  • Medications
  • Group or animal therapy
  • A wide variety of 12 step programs
  • Meditation
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Acupuncture
  • Life skills coach

The Only Website That Brings All The Providers To You

We didn't know we needed so many different kinds of support when we started our journey many years ago. We are proud that we kept at our recovery work. Did you know that addiction is the only disease for which recovery makes you better than you were before? Get better than you ever dreamed with all the help you possibly could need.

50,000 people have already explored Recovery Guidance. Just in time for the New Year, now  providers are invited to sign up so that people looking for their services can find them.

Recovery Guidance Features

  • RG is free for users
  • RG is a subscription site for providers
  • RG's review system allows consumers to review their experience of care and see what others say about providers they consider
  • Users are invited to review their experience of care even if their provider has not yet signed up and added a profile
  • Providers can now sign up to get a google map-assisted, full page profile with a list their services, and no fees ever for direct access to the patients and clients looking for them


*The CDC estimates that from 1999 to 2015, more than 183,000 people have died in the U.S. from overdoses related to prescription opioids. Opioid prescribing continues to fuel the epidemic. Today, nearly half of all U.S. opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid.


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Leslie Glass is the founder of Reach Out Recovery and the winner of the 2016 ASAM Media Award. Leslie is also the creator of Recovery Guidance, the information website for those seeking addiction and mental healthcare for professionals nationwide. Leslie is a journalist, director/producer of award-winning documentaries, and the author of 15 bestselling novels. Leslie has served as Chairman of the Board of Plays For Living, was a member of the Board of Directors of Mystery Writers of America. She has served as a Public Member of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, as a VP of The Asolo Theatre, and was a Trustee of the New York City Police Foundation.

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