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Codependent Cookbook Sale


Co-Dependent Cooks

Codependent Cookbook Sale

Cookbook Cover, Reach Out Recovery

Codependent Cookbook Sale

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Codependent much? Do you know how your behaviors in the kitchen are influenced by codependency? You may be spending way too much time and energy cooking to please others, and not yourself? Guess what, you matter. Have you given up foods you love? Cook your way free with the help of stories and recipes written by ROR's own, Pam Carver. The codependent's cookbook is a delicious blend of original recipes and sage recovery wisdom.

Codependent's Cookbook For Sale

Pam tackles tough topics like people pleasing, boundaries, and enabling. Culinary adventures include:

  • Making an Angel food cake from scratch
  • Grilling the perfect steak
  • Putting a fresh spin on traditional pumpkin pie and many more

You Can Purchase The Codependent's Cookbook Two Ways

This 57-page full color, 8.5" by 8.5" book is available in as a soft cover book or as a downloadable e-book. Order today and have a new recipe for dinner tonight! All proceeds go to Reach Out Recovery, a 501(c)3 non-profit who strives to break the stigma of addiction, recovery, and mental health.

Order your copy today!


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