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How To Change Your Recovery Outcome

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Medical Assisted Treatment

How To Change Your Recovery Outcome

How To Change Your Recovery Outcome

What Is Soberlink: Today’s mobile world requires mobile solutions. Soberlink’s cloud based digital breathalyzer offers a modern approach to alcohol monitoring. No more embarrassing visits to the lab. Soberlink is the leader in mobile breath alcohol monitoring with a proven track record in family law, workplace, and recovery management monitoring.

Soberlink Advantages:

  • User-friendly, discreet alcohol monitoring device, intuitive technology
  • Accurate Professional Grade fuel cell sensor
  • Real-time test results and alerts

How It Works

The portable alcohol breathalyzer device uses a globally trusted fuel cell sensor to collect a breath sample to measure Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC), while simultaneously taking a photo of the individual to confirm their identity. The breathalyzer wirelessly transmits the test results to the cloud-based Sober Sky, where instant alerts can be set up to notify contacts if scheduled tests are missed and if there are positive results.

What Do I Get

The Soberlink System is to be used for research purposes only. If you voluntarily register and are chosen to participate in this research project, we will give you the Soberlink System for free.

You will receive the following:

  • Free Soberlink Cellular Device
  • Free subscription service for 12 months
  • Free Schedule set up between you and a Soberlink Representative
  • Free test reminders via text message
  • Up to 5 followers (Concerned Party/Family Member or those in your Recovery Circle). These followers will be alerted to your breath tests via text message or email.

Who Uses Soberlink

Anyone who wants others to know their daily alcohol level or anyone who needs to know another’s daily alcohol level.

  • Family Law / Child Custody Monitoring
  • Individuals who want to show sobriety to loved ones or support team
  • Workplace monitoring programs
  • Addiction Management Programs

How Easy Is It Really

Daily follow-up alcohol testing with Soberlink is just like blood sugar testing for diabetics. It normalizes and destigmatizes the recovery experience.

  • Soberlink cellular device goes where you go
  • Transmits breath alcohol test securely to Soberlink’s secure cloud-based Sober Sky platform
  • Face recognition makes it yours alone
  • As Easy as breathing

How Important Is It

We are all affected by this deadly disease.

  • Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 51 minutes. (CDC)
  • 100,000 persons die each year from alcohol-related causes. (NCAAD)
  • Alcohol abuse is the third highest cause of death in the U.S.(CDC)

If you are in your first year of recovery and are interested in taking your recovery to the next level click here to fill out Soberlink’s brief form. Someone from Soberlink will contact you for additional information.


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