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End Unhealthy Relationships

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End Unhealthy Relationships

What Does Freedom Mean To You And How Far Will You Go To Get It: Often when people come to me about their struggle to free themselves from an unhealthy relationship or setting a hard boundary, I look them in the eye and ask, “What price are you willing to pay for it?” Change is hard at the best of times. When you’re faced with addiction, change can be the hardest thing in the whole world to accomplish.

People entrenched in the family dynamic of addiction, are stuck in the quicksand of fear, manipulation, crisis, and drama. Many have PTSD as the result of it. And that means they can feel both trapped and paralyzed. And people struggling with addiction can feel the same.

While you may long for peace, serenity, and the true freedom to be yourself, the price may seem to high to get there. What does freedom mean to you? For me, it’s being able to be the decider of who I am, whom I love, where I spend my money, and where I go. There is nothing more important to me than those freedoms.

Freedom is the most precious gift for any human anywhere. And it’s not a God-given right. It has to be claimed and often does not come cheap.

If addiction to substances or behaviors or even a person has stolen your life. What price will you pay to break free and reclaim it?

  • Will you go to 90 meetings in 90 days?
  • Will you pay for a rehab?
  • Will you leave all your friends to find healthier relationships?
  • Will you limit visits with unhealthy family members?
  • Will you take life one day at a time… forever?

There are all kinds of costs when we fight for our freedom from addiction. What price will you pay to think clearly, to walk strong, to be proud of yourself, and to know nothing holds you in its grasp?

Let us pause and remember what a wonderful gift freedom is.

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By: Nadine Knapp

If you need help with addiction or Mental Health, click on the image below to find professional resources in your area.



I was born into a large Catholic Family of 14 children in Upstate New York. I graduated with my degree in Professional and Technical Writing from University of South Florida. My recovery story began when I witnessed addiction in close relatives and friends. Unable to change them I began to focus on what I could change, me. Building a support system for myself I now strive daily to keep the focus on me. In my articles I sometimes share stories from my own experience, strength, and hope. It is my hope that others will find courage to see “the elephant in the room” and seek out help for themselves against this cunning,baffling,and powerful disease.

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