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Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Recovery –

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Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Recovery –

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Recovery –

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From Psychology Today:

What is recovery and has Lindsay Lohan achieved it?

Lindsay Lohan is back. After a youthful superstar career when—between 1998 and 2007—Lohan’s films earned an estimated half billion dollars, she entered a period of drunken misbehavior, arrests, rehabs, and failed efforts at sobriety—meaning abstinence.

In a disturbing 2014 series with Oprah, Lindsay, Lohan still appeared to be at loose ends—and drinking. This, after Oprah elicited from Lohan a hesitant concession that, as she learned in rehab, she was an “addict.” Ultimately, even Oprah was forced to conclude that Lohan had failed.

But in 2019, the 32-year old Lohan is no longer trying to be a movie ingenue. Instead, she is trying to pass as a mature adult who manages a Greek beach club she co-owns. And, yes, the club serves alcohol.

How’s she doing? Whatever the merits of the MTV series, Lindsay Lohan’sBeach Club, as TV, Lohan does seem to be a hands-on, demanding manager:

"'She’s really strict. But that’s being a boss—you have to be a hard a** sometimes. She’s very personable so you get to know her as a person. She’s been through a lot too.' Said employee Sarah Tariq.

When the interviewer asked if she would be the new Lisa Vanderpump, Sara responded: “Um…I think Lisa Vanderpump might be nicer.”

Lindsay might agree. She’s already made headlines for telling one of her employees on social media to change her shoes to match her uniform. It was later revealed that the worker was fired."

The rumors have already emerged that Lindsay has been seen drinking. “Uh-oh,” those knowledgeable about recovery declare, “she’s living out her life-long identity as an addict.” 

So, can Lohan really be in recovery if she is no longer in AA, long past rehab, and possibly continuing, in her thirties, to drink?

Well, yes. In fact, contrary to the standard view of addiction and recovery, as I outlined in Psychology Today and PT blogs, hers is the actual route to recovery achieved by most adults. As people age, acquire new responsibilities, and assume age-appropriate maturity, whether they drink or not is irrelevant to their sobriety. 

While writing such things (particularly in Psychology Today) has gotten me into a great deal of trouble, times have changed. The term “harm reduction” has come to stand for the idea that people can still use substances (as after all, in one form or another, virtually all of us do) and fulfill their adult obligations, as it seems Lohan is doing:

“Everybody has this idea that Lindsay goes out all the time,” Panos (her business partner), who clearly adores Lohan, told me. “That’s not her. Her normal life standard is staying at home. She cooks this recipe called borscht that is delicious. She introduced the series Pose to me and we watched the whole thing in two days. We’re like family.” But when it comes to business, Panos said, Lohan is still appropriately wary: “It’s true she trusts me, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t keep her eyes on me all the time.” Of course, Panos also added, “And I have my eyes on her all the time.”

Yes, keeping your eyes on your business partner when your money and reputation are on the line is a necessary part of being an adult. So be it.

And, while we’re at it, Lindsay looks fabulous

P.S. I laid this all out ten years ago in WSJ

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