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Teen Marijuana Use May Lead To Bipolar Symptoms –

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Teen Marijuana Use May Lead To Bipolar Symptoms –

Teen Marijuana Use May Lead To Bipolar Symptoms –

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From Medical News Today It's a well-known fact that many young people use cannabis, and studies have pointed to a link between the drug and psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia. However, the links between cannabis use and the development of bipolar symptoms over time have been insufficiently studied — until now.

The use of cannabis, more popularly known as marijuana, among teens may have dire consequences on their mental health in later years.

new study fills this research gap by examining how cannabis use among teenagers is linked with hypomania in early adulthood.

The research was led by Dr. Steven Marwaha, a clinical academic psychiatrist from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, and the findings were published in the journal Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Dr. Marwaha and colleagues started out from the observation that despite the documented link between teenage marijuana use and psychiatric disorders, the prospective association between cannabis use and symptoms of bipolar disorder has been insufficiently investigated.

In fact, at Medical News Today, we have reported on several studies that have illuminated the link between teenage cannabis use and psychiatric conditions. For instance, one study suggested that marijuana use causes changes in brain structure that are similar to those caused by schizophrenia.

Another study in rodents suggested that adolescent use of the drug may bring about schizophrenia symptoms, but only in those already genetically susceptible to the illness.

This study looked at the link between teenage use of cannabis and hypomania, which is a symptom that is often experienced by those with bipolar disorder. Hypomania is characterized by feelings of elation, intense excitement, reduced need for sleep, and hyperactivity.


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