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Dear Friends:

This summer, as students make plans to return to college, one group faces greater challenges than any other. Children raised in homes with substance and alcohol abuse endure horrific instability and toxic stress. Rarely do they have any treatment or support. Those who successfully reach college, are exceptional young people. Their drive for education is to serve others like themselves who need positive role models. Our nonprofit, Reach Out Recovery, was founded to serve the children and families whose lives have been impacted by addiction. More than 120 million Americans are affected by the addiction of a loved one. Reach Out Recovery created the most comprehensive recovery platform on the web, a combination of the Huffington Post and Web MD of recovery. Our messages personally touch more than 60 thousand people every day. Ten thousand people daily turn to our website for insight that reinforces their coping skills and promotes life-changing shifts in attitude.

In 2016 Reach Out Recovery hired five college interns who wrote about their experiences with an addicted friend or family member. Their articles reached millions of people who were not aware of how deeply affected and traumatized young people are by the addiction and substance abuse of those around them. In 2017 Reach Out Recovery initiated a scholarship program for college students who have managed to rise above their adverse childhood experiences.

Our first scholarship offer was sent to 300 colleges and universities nationwide.

Since the Reach Out Recovery Scholarship is new, we hoped for 10 to 20 applications the first year. We received 40. The students are Americans from everywhere, literally: Africa, India, Latin America, Canada, rural USA and inner cities. Their stories are powerful. Having come from unstable backgrounds and horrific circumstances, their needs are real and compelling. We offered three scholarships this year, but their stories are so compelling we want to help more. We need your help to gift more than three. Can you help us support five students?

Our goal is to raise $10,000

These phenomenal students have overcome adversity, and a small stipend can mean the difference between staying in school or dropping out. Even more compelling is the fact that by helping to turn one life around, you will impact everyone these young people touch. The Reach Out Recovery scholarship program has a huge multiplier effect. Help us with a check to Reach Out Recovery Today.


The 2018 Reach Out Recovery Scholarship Program

Who Can Apply

The Reach Out Recovery Scholarship is for full time college students and ROR does not discriminate in anyway regarding who can apply as long they meet the following requirements:

  • Must be enrolled full time in an accredited college or university
  • Have an average of 2.8 GPA or higher
  • Are able to provide proof of enrollment and grades report

What to Attach in Your Application

When you email us your application, it must contain the following attachments and details:

  • A 1000-word application essay (details below)
  • Proof that you are enrolled in a college or university in the USA
  • Proof that your grades are maintaining 2.8 GPA or higher (you can attach your recent semester’s grades)
  • Any references from your professors (optional)
  • Contact information

Essay Details

For reviewing your potential, we require you to send in a 1000 word essay that in some way discusses a recovery issue. Please visit our web page at: and click on Recovery Topics in the menu. Select any topic and discuss your personal experience with this topic.  Also briefly include why you need this scholarship and how the money will help you, and what your future academic and vocational objectives are. We will assess applicants based on this essay, selecting candidates that show the most promise and those who have inspiring circumstances and need the money the most. Here are the essay outlines you need to follow:

  • Essay must be of 1000 words
  • It must describe three main things:

1) Your personal experience with one of the topics listed.

2) Why do you need this scholarship/money?

3) What are your future plans and goals regarding your education and career?

  • Essay can be sent in PDF format or as a Word document

Selection Process and Selected Candidates

The selection process will be administrated by the Reach Out Recovery Scholarship committee. The members of the committee will review applicants’ emails and essays to check for eligibility and select candidates based on how enthusiastic, academically talented, and promising they seem. A total of three (3) candidates will be selected and awarded the $1,000 scholarship (no candidate will be awarded more than once). Selected candidates will be informed via the contact information they provide in their email and further instructions will be dispatched within 30 days of the application deadline.

Applications for the 2018 scholarship begin January 1, 2018 and the application deadline is June 15th, 2018.

How to Apply:

Fill out the form below or email your application to [email protected]

Disclaimer: Your information will not be used for any marketing or commercial reasons. It will only be used to review your application and to see if you qualify for the Reach Out Recovery Scholarship.

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