Are you a single female? Think home safety. In 2017, almost thirty-seven million Americans were living in a single-person household. It’s a growing trend for it affords many freedoms such as you get to be THE decorator and choose what you’d like to eat for dinner. But it also puts you at risk. With help from home security experts, we came up with 8 tips to keep you safe in your home no matter who you are, or where you live.

Home Safety Is Your Next Priority

If you’ve found recovery from substance use (your own or an abuser), you go to meetings, your financial world is in somewhat of an order, and you no longer have to share a living space with others who put you at risk. There’s one downside, however. You don’t know who has been watching you and your daily activities. Be on guard.

Alarm System

This one is a no-brainer. Home alarm systems sound an obnoxious blaring warning that goes off when the door or window is open. For a small monthly fee, the alarm will alert the alarm company and the local authorities. A wide variety of alarm systems can be purchased either from a security company or from Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon.

Security Camera

A security camera is like having another set of eyes looking out for you while you’re away from home. You immediately know who’s been lurking at your front door and what they were doing there. Security cameras can be purchased at Home Depot or Best Buy, or wherever electronics are sold.

Outdoor Lights With Motion Sensors

Put your invited guest, as well as uninvited guests, in the spotlight when the sun goes down. Motion sensor lights provide that extra security whether someone is standing right at your doorway or whether they are walking around your property. These can also be found in your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Smart Doorbell

Most burglaries happen during the day. High-tech smart doorbells come with live video streaming and remote viewing apps as well as a two-way communication that lets you see and talk with whomever is at your door. You no longer need to get up and look through a peephole. Check out your visitors before opening the door to protect yourself from a home invasion or violent attack when you are at home.  These, too, can be found at any store that has products for the home.

Be A Friendly Neighbor

Because we live in the age of high tech and social media, we don’t take the time to get to know our neighbors. Take the time to introduce yourself and interact with your neighbors. You will be able to recognize the people who live in your neighborhood and distinguish them from strangers. You can also enlist their help in keeping an eye out for suspicious activity on your street or in your building.

Use Backup

Just because you live alone doesn’t mean that you’re on your own when planning your security and safety strategies. Include your friends and family in your plans. Inform them about your daily routine and scheduled vacations. Set-up check-ins with designated friend or a family member. And if you plan to meet a repair person you have never met before, invite a friend over for extra security.

Trim The Bushes Back

Your yard is for enjoyment, or maybe to receive a prize or two from the garden club if you happen to be a gardener. It shouldn’t be a hiding place for criminals in your neighborhood. Keep your trees and bushes neatly trimmed so they don’t obstruct your view or provide a hiding place.

Secure Your Garage

Often overlooked, the garage is most common entry point to your home. Seasoned criminals now how to hack into your garage door opener. Make sure you don’t leave any areas of your house vulnerable. If you park your car outside be sure to lock it, for your garage door opener will be resting right on the sun visor for any criminal to use. And lock the door from your garage to your home.

Enjoy every minute of living alone but stay safe and secure and don’t leave your well-being up to chance.

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Gila Meriwether
Gila is a strategic planner and brand developer. She has a wide range of experience from being the business manager of a mid-size hospital to the case manager in evaluating retired NFL players for the concussion injuries rating. She has worked with national and international companies in the area of board reorganization, re-branding, and public awareness. Gila also brings extensive volunteer experience with local and global non-profit organizations.

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