Many people feel mixed about sleeping with pets

That’s because pets can be annoying to sleep with sometimes. Some pets snore and are restless, which can prevent good sleep. If that’s your situation, no judgment on kicking those pets out! However, sleeping with pets has benefits that may surprise you.

Now, this does not apply to you if your preference is for reptiles or birds. Today, we can have a variety of pets, so no one here is suggesting you let the pet rat into the bed! But, did you know that more than 85 million families own a pet? From cats to rabbits and birds … dogs to lizards and snakes … pet ownership has evolved into many varieties.

Why sleeping with pets can be helpful

Whether your preference is scales, feathers, or fur, sharing your home with an animal provides many wellness-related benefits. Pets are great for kids because they teach responsibility and caring. For adults the benefits include lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress levels, and, yes, increased physical activity. Considering all these positive attributes, one would think that curling up in bed with their pet at night would be a good thing — however, this can be a controversial topic.

Does sleeping with your pet help or hinder your wellness

Studies report that almost 75% of pet owners share their bed with an animal at one time or another. Of that statistic, 43% reported sleeping with pets every night. You are probably wondering what’s the problem with co-sleeping alongside your four-legged BFF.

The cons of sleeping with an animal

The disadvantages of sleeping with your pets come in a short list. There aren’t many and most of the reasons are “potential” situations.

· You can possibly trigger allergic reactions by sleeping with your pet.

· There is a possibly that organisms such as fleas or ticks could be welcomed into bed.

· A pet could be injured while sleeping with you.

· You will need to wash your sheets more often.

· Sleeping with your pet can potentially disrupt your sleep cycle.

The pros of sleeping with your animal

This portion doesn’t need much of an introduction. The list speaks for itself. Benefits of co-sleeping with your pets are as follows:

· Sleeping with your pet promotes comfort (such as warmth) and security.

· Depression and anxiety are no match to cuddling up with your animal companion — it releases dopamine and increases oxytocin levels, which lead to a better night’s sleep and an overall better mindset. The calming effect can also combat insomnia.

· Sharing a bed will strengthen your bond and studies even show that heartbeats can align. This state of being in sync will guides you into a deeper, calmer state of sleep.

· Simply put, most animals are going to enjoy sleeping with their owners. This is a super special treat for most dogs and even a cold-blooded bearded dragon will enjoy sponging the heat off their human.

· Hello, back-up alarm clock! If your creature is on feeding routine, they certainly will not let you stay in bed too late.

· Therapy animals can be an important part of a treatment plan. Sleeping with them can help alleviate pain or warn you of an oncoming seizure (service animals are specially trained to do so).

· There are so many scientifically backed benefits: lower blood pressure, a decrease in feeling lonely, it provides soothing background noise, boosts heart health, reduces allergy development in kids, and, statistically, women sleep better with an animal companion (specifically dogs).

The benefits of sleeping with your animal greatly outweigh the negative

You can easily see the landslide difference between the two standpoints. The aforementioned cons of sleeping with your pet are nothing compared to the scientifically supported benefits of co-sleeping with them. The outlined list clearly shows multiple ways you can improve your well-being by sleeping with your fur baby … or scale or feather baby. We don’t want to leave anyone out! Here are more ideas for healthy sleep.

Remember to make sure your pet is clean and parasite-free before jumping into bed. Assuring that they are healthy and manicured is another way to prevent exchanging diseases or collecting unwanted scratches. Another important part of preparation is making sure that you cannot roll over and harm your pet while sleeping. Make sure there is enough space in the bed for both of you and no one is in danger. Now that you’re both comfortable and ready to turn in … sweet dreams!

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Alexandra Ashe
Alexandra is a sober woman who loves animals, writing, nature, horror movies, fitness, and self-improvement. After suffering a relapse in late 2016, she revamped her lifestyle and has been sober since March 2017. She is also the CEO and founder of Kinkatopia, which is the only kinkajou-specific organization in the world. Alexandra literally lives and breathes kinkajous — in addition to working a full-time career, taking care of her health, and giving back to the world in other ways. She is a woman on a mission ... the Mother of Kinkajous. Follow Alexandra’s articles to relish her experiences staying sober and running a kinkajou sanctuary. There is never a dull moment, that’s a promise. Kinkatopia.org

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