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Testimonials black quoteWow…new ways of thinking and treating AUD. That’s so refreshing to hear!

— Trip B., New Paths to Successful Recovery

yellow quotesThanks for this very interesting article…brings a lot of light to some things.

— Charity A.

orange quotesThank you. I needed to hear this as it explains a lot in my life.

— Kimberly A., Who Is  The Alpha Co-Dependent

More red quotesWOW!!! Perfect description! Now I know for a fact that everything I’ve thought is 100% dead on. Thanks whoever wrote this article.

— Millicent J., 10 Ways Narcissists Take Control

purple quotesInteresting. Knew the scenario, but did not know there was a name for it.

— Susan B., The Gaslighting Tango


black quotesFinding my voice and communicating my ideas will become a priceless gift.


— Ann R., Do You Need Help With A Bully

orange quotesThis is a great article, definitely worth the read!

— Carla B., What Is Unresolved Grief

yellow quotesWow…this is a breath of fresh air. I have dealt with every single one of these points for 4 years, and I finally have an understanding.

— Andrew P., 10 Ways Narcissists Take Control

Perfect timing as I really needed it today. Describes my situation almost exactly, this helped me to see things clearly.

— Judy K., Co-dependent Detaches With An Ax



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