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Wow…news ways of thinking and treating AUD. That’s so refreshing to hear!

Trip B. New Paths to Successful Recovery

Thanks for this very interesting article…brings a lot of light to some things.

Charity A.

This is a great article, definitely worth the read!

Carla B. What is Unresolved Grief?

What a great article to help create awareness and help.

Kelly B. What is Unresolved Grief?

WOW! Perfect timing as I really needed it today. Describes my situation almost exactly, this helped me to see things clearly.

Judy K. Co-Dependent Detaches With An Axe

Really caused me to think and realize why I was doing some of my behaviors.

Penny O. 7 Deadly Needs

Wow…this is a breath of fresh air. I have dealt with every single one of these points for 4 years, and I finally have an understanding.

Andrew P.10 Ways Narcissists Take Control

Interesting. Knew the scenario, but did not know there was a name for it.

Susan B.What is Gaslighting?

Thanks for sharing! I am going to print this and use it in my groups!

Cindy P. Alcohol Cheat Sheet


Dove - symbol of finding peace


10 Tips To Finding Peace

By December 14, 2017
Simple display of handblown glass ornaments


Beauty In Simple Things

By December 14, 2017
Horses with snowman


Horses Know Your Truth

By December 13, 2017
Enjoying the winter one day at a time
sugar scrub spa gift

Co-Dependent Cooks

Recipe For Homemade Sugar Scrub

By December 13, 2017
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