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Is Being On Suboxone Being Clean?

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Is Being On Suboxone Being Clean?

Dear Edie

My daughter says she’s clean but she’s on Suboxone. How is that clean? I want to support her but I’m struggling with why she won’t just detox off of that now drug. I need help.”-Lois From Missouri

Dear Lois:

Thank you for being a supportive parent. Sadly, some in your situation are not. It is important to be an informed parent too. How long has your daughter been on Suboxone?  Is she being appropriately supervised by a reputable doctor? Is she in therapy as well to deal with the addiction to her drug of choice and the fallout from it?

 A few things to know about the drug:

  • It is a strong narcotic
  • It is used to assist people in getting off of opiates
  • It is highly addictive itself
  • It is not meant to be on indefinitely
  • Some people sell it to be able to purchase heroin

Being clean of heroin is one thing. Most professionals, as well as those in recovery themselves will tell you that being on Suboxone is not the same as being clean. It is also important to be aware that there is a way to taper off the drug under medical care. A competent physician will offer specific guidance.

What Is Happening With Your Daughter

Is it possible that your daughter is clinging to Suboxone as a ‘safer’ alternative to her original substance? I was working with a young man a few years ago who expressed fear of coming off of it and week after week in a recovery support group, he would tell us that he was weaning down. He proudly told us that eventually he was clean of Suboxone as well. He ‘white knuckled’ it for a while, fearing he would return to his previous ways, but it was worth it for him.

Is Your Daughter Open To The Next Step In Recovery

Is your daughter willing to let go of this security blanket? Is she open to the two of you being on the same team to help her stay clean? I suggest Nar-Anon for you, if you are already not involved. You hadn’t mentioned another parent. Are you going this alone, or is someone else part of the equation?

Please let us know how this goes.

Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By Edie Weinstein


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