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Halloween What Happened To You

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Halloween What Happened To You

Ahhh The Beloved And Cherished Holiday Of Halloween.

In My Younger Days

This was the perfect excuse to scare my best friends and hide my true identity for just one night and if I was lucky, to eat my body weight in candy. But, that isn’t my Halloween now.

Halloween On My College Campus

Halloween looks a whole lot different than it did when I was 7.

  • Instead of running into my besties while trick or treating…I run into a random stranger hurling on the side of the bar from too many tequila shots.
  • Instead of screaming from laughter about inside jokes, couples are screaming at each other because he looked at the slutty maid the wrong way.
  • And the next morning, instead of waking up with excitement and running to the candy stache for a well- balanced breakfast, your friends wake up with a pounding headache hoping they know the person sleeping next to them. I don’t want this to be me. I want to be safe and have my friends safe, too.

Yes, It Is Quite Different Indeed

These days, the things that really scare me aren’t haunted houses and ghouls and goblins, it’s student debt and paying my bills. Regardless, if you’re anything like me, you approach all holidays with a sense of anticipation and excitement. I have learned life works better when I do what I want to do instead of doing what I think I should do. So this Halloween I have decided to:

  • Return to my hometown to pass out candy to kids like an 85 yr old, and I’m proud of it
  • Dress to the nines in my Halloween costume and relive the glory days
  • Wake up Sunday with no regrets (aside from the 7 slices of pizza I will inevitably inhale)

Happy Halloween and Safe Partying

The Intern

PS. Here are the signs and symptoms of a person experiencing alcohol poisoning. We all need to take action to get help for anyone in this condition. The CDC reports 6 people die every day from Alcohol Poisoning. 

  • Unconsciousness or semi-consciousness
  • Slow respirations (breaths) of eight or less per minute, or lapses between respirations of more than eight seconds.
  • Cold, clammy, pale, or bluish skin.

Be sure to roll them on their side no matter what you do and keep your friends safe this Halloween.

For more information on Alcohol Poisoning:

A Reach Out Recovery Exclusive By: The Intern


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