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Make Your Bed Metaphor For Life

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Make Your Bed Metaphor For Life

 Read Why Making Your Bed Is A Metaphor For Life And Also Makes Your Day 

 Adulting Is Hard

When you become a senior in college, which I have recently done and am so far am not impressed, you find that the littlest things in your life can set you over the edge of sanity. Holidays being one of them. They become much like a horror film. Every trip you make to the store is filled with you peering around the corners waiting for that perfect gift for that perfect someone to present itself. You perspire as you look at the calendar and your throat is dry with the inevitable fact that your gifts aren’t going to measure up to your Aunt May’s gifts that always impress. Yes, the holidays give us a run for our money (PUN ABSOLUTELY INTENDED IM SO BROKE NOW). As if that wasn’t enough, there is always that looming monster waiting for you at home when reality hits. This monster is the mess you left behind when you left for your parents’ house to enjoy a month of R & R. I don’t know about you, but I no longer return from winter break refreshed and ready to start classes. Nope. After returning from my break I came home to:

1. a messy room

2. 5 million loads of laundry

3. dirty dishes that I “forgot” to do before leaving for my 5 week hiatus

4. rotting food in the fridge and pantry

5. not to mention the financial grave I dug for myself

I now need a vacation from my vacation just so I don’t have to deal with the giant list of gross to-do’s. I was home no more than 20 minutes when I considered burning my house to the ground and simply starting over when I remembered something that a friend of mine told me, “just make your bed.” 

Just make your bed

Yes, you’re right that is the most random thing that you could possibly think of while pulling your hair out from an immense amount of stress. This random mantra salvaged my sanity. My friend told me that when everything in your life seems to be heading straight for the sh***er just make your bed. This small act of discipline and self-obedience sets your mind in a place where you can think with perspective. By making your bed you are showing you do have control over your life. You don’t have to be a passive player in a mess you made for yourself. Making your bed is a tangible way to understand that your entire messy life is just made up a many small individual tasks. Doing one thing at a time calms your nerves. After making my bed, I cleaned my toilet. There’s no rhyme or reason to the series of events that I took to clean my house and start 2016 off on a much better note. I saw something, a small something, and did it. Put a pair of shoes away. Washed a plate. Folded one shirt. Hung one dress. And eventually the knot in my chest was gone and I had conquered the mess I created for myself over winter break.  

 Make your bed at anytime, anywhere

This is not exclusive to house cleaning. If it’s a financial burden you’ve placed on yourself, just pay one bill. Simply make one phone call. That’s all you need to do. Growing up in a house with an alcoholic father, everything was unpredictable and I experienced abuse and misfortune. I can remember as a small child manically cleaning my room. Not just squeaky clean, like right before the main character in a movie murders someone clean. It was always all or nothing. If I wasn’t trapped in a manic state, you could not walk in my room without stepping on something. Looking back now, I can’t believe I allowed myself to live in such an unhealthy state. Children of alcoholics are notorious perfectionists and if we know we can’t get there, we don’t even try. Don’t allow it to become more than it is. Compartmentalize your life into a lot of little tasks and take it on one by one. My life has proven to be a very stressful place to be, if I let it. Right when you feel like you are about to implode all over yourself and your loved ones, make your bed.

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