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4 Ways To Stay Happy In Recovery –

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4 Ways To Stay Happy In Recovery –

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4 Ways To Stay Happy In Recovery –

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How can you stay happy when so many unexpected things happen that you can’t control? We're all on shifting sands that can unbalance, or unhinge us. It's especially difficult for people in recovery because weird stuff happens to us and we have to keep it together and stay happy.

How to Stay Happy In Tragedy

I have a friend who relapsed and ended up in the ER this weekend, and he’s still there with some possibly very serious health consequences as a result of this most recent relapse. Occasionally something changes at work seemingly overnight, and I’m suddenly faced with new challenges that actually change my schedule. This causes a ripple effect for my recovery. These are things happening in my life, but I have to be able to get through them without losing a beat, or my positive mood. A good mood is everything to me.

How Do We Stay Happy In Drama

Science has proven it again and again that we are more likely to find success after we become happy. Add success to happiness and you’ve grabbed the golden ring. You get to live in a perfect Nirvana forever. just kidding. But apparently it is the magic recipe. Success sometimes comes with the risk that you’re not happy, even though you’re successful! Then, you have to go to South America and take Iowaska and go on vision quests and to India to learn from gurus and maybe, just maybe you’ll find yourself along the way. I'm serious. Successful people still have to search for happiness. But it doesn't have to be so hard.

A Daily Happiness Practice Is The Answer

I’m working on my golden key right now by developing a daily practice for happiness. My happiness practice is a combination of reading books on the subject, and a new commitment to daily meditation and mindfulness. I’m also working with a coach to learn how to be happier and more successful. Experts help.

So, if you have any drama in your life that affects your mood and you’d like to create a daily practice that will help keep your mood elevated here are some tips.

1. Meditate

I talk about it all the time because it’s a proven method to make people happier, more stable, more focused and ultimately help change the gray matter in their brains to have a more positive outlook on life. Start with 5 minutes a day and build up from there. I use Youtube and I go to a meditation studio.

2. Exercise

Even walking 20 minutes outside in nice weather can do wonders. It will help you if you work in an office, or from home. Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and let your mind take a break and wander.

3. Practice acts of kindness

AKA be of service. Hold the door open for someone, compliment someone, bring something nice in for your office and let other people know you care. You’ll benefit as much if not more than they will.

4. Do something you’re good at

It’s a mood booster and a confidence booster. It doesn’t matter if it’s something at work, or life or a hobby or class, just give yourself the pleasure of exhibiting a strength.


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