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Welcome to Reach Out Recovery. You can think of us as lifesavers to help you find recovery readiness when coping seems too hard.  Here you can find tools to talk with your loved ones: learn recovery literacy; find support and prevention tools for your teens. Best of all, here you can be inspired every day by the recovery lifestyle that will restore your peace and serenity. We search for the latest recovery tips, facts, and tools. Then we translate that information for you into easy to understand content.

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1. How To Regulate In Recovery

We joke around about HALT, the acronym for hungry, angry, lonely, tired, but it was created as a reminder for a reason. 100% of my recovery is 100% affected by how I regulate myself. Let me explain, one of the things that became crystal clear as the years passed in recovery was that when I followed a healthy lifestyle, my life/recovery was easier to manage. (Keep Reading…)

2. Healing From Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are never easy. After we find recovery, we often have little or no room left in our lives for the drama that comes with these toxic relationships. Further, even healthy marital and long-term intimate relationships often go through major reconstruction during recovery or face collapsing. (Keep Reading…)

3. Surviving Trauma And Addiction: 10 Years Later

I am alive and thriving today because no matter what happened, I was determined to stay the course of my recovery and do more than just survive. It wasn’t easy. I have now been in and out of recovery for half my life. If you want to get technical, I’ve been working on recovery my entire adult life. I entered an addiction recovery treatment program at the tender age of 21, but it didn’t stick the first time. Or the second. Or the third. (Keep Reading…)

4. What Have You Done For You Lately?

By the time we find recovery, most of us realize what we were doing before wasn’t working. And many of us are ready to make drastic changing in the people, places, and things related to our downfall, but where to start? And how do we keep that up? Doing a weekly recovery check-up helps you monitor your progress and add new healthy activities to your week. (Keep Reading…)

5. Managing Mental Health And Addiction Is Resilience

It’s a funny thing when you write about your own mental health. On the one hand, I do so because I have certain insights into all of this that might make my point of view helpful to some people. On the other hand, making my own life public doesn’t come without a price, so I want to be clear about something. My recovery, and my ongoing work to understand mental health and how to manage it has not made me weak or fragile, it’s made me stronger and more resilient. (Keep Reading…)

6. Top Five Areas For Recovery Healing

Recovery healing is an exciting concept that is just now gaining momentum. For those new to recovery, it may seem that not using means you’re in recovery. And further, that life and relationships can be restored just by the absence of doing whatever substance or behavior was out of control. Those in long term recovery, however, know that recovery healing is a balanced lifestyle with these five components all in place and working together. (Keep Reading…)

7. Dear 20-Year Old Me

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I wish I knew at my darkest times what I know now, six years sober. I wish I could go back to my 20 year-old younger struggling self and tell her what would happen if she continued on her path of destruction. I’d love to hold her hand, to comfort her, and give her some coping strategies for her overwhelming life—a life she just can’t make sense of. I’d love to tell her that it wasn’t her fault—that she was primed for this path—and that she could learn to love herself enough to stop her harmful and addictive behaviors. (Keep Reading…)

8. Five Recovery Lessons I Learned About Myself

Recovery lessons are tough to learn. Since I’ve been working on these lessons for two decades, I have had some time to think about recovery, and what I’ve learned about myself.  Here’s what recovery work revealed about me that I didn’t know at 21, or even 30. (Keep Reading…)

9. Poor Body Image Led To Substance Use

Poor body image plagued me since childhood. I’ve always been the big girl. In pre-school, I compared the size of my thighs to the next girl next to me. In middle school I was put on a diet. Finally by my teens, I discovered the miracle cure: drugs. For the next twenty years, I used drugs control my poor body image. (Keep Reading…)

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Leslie Glass

Leslie Glass is the founder of Reach Out Recovery and the winner of the 2016 ASAM Media Award. Leslie is also the creator of Recovery Guidance, the information website for those seeking addiction and mental healthcare for professionals nationwide. Leslie is a journalist, director/producer of award-winning documentaries, and the author of 15 bestselling novels. Leslie has served as Chairman of the Board of Plays For Living, was a member of the Board of Directors of Mystery Writers of America. She has served as a Public Member of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, as a VP of The Asolo Theatre, and was a Trustee of the New York City Police Foundation.
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