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Go Grab Another Glass of Water –

Glass of water in a mountain stream


Go Grab Another Glass of Water –

Glass of water in a mountain stream Adobe

Go Grab Another Glass of Water –

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What is water? Water is the basis of all living organisms on earth.  Its chemical formula is H2O; one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. It's delicious, should be odorless, clear, and refreshing.

Water, Adam’s Ale is the most important element on earth.  H2O is still the best fluid for our body and is the ideal source of fluid for it is calorie-free, caffeine-free and alcohol-free.  58 gallons on average of aqua is consumed per year by Americans.  That is 2.5 cups a H2O per day.  Our body is about 2/3 H2O.  That means we do need to replenish our fluid balance constantly.  Different parts of our body depend on aqua for their healthy function.  So you thought you had enough water?  Go grab another glass of aqua.  For your health!

Helpful Water Tips:

  1. Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose some weight, add that extra glass of H2O to your daily intake.  Drink water before meals.  It will help you feel full.  Next time you feel hungry and you have had your meal, take that glass of aqua and drink it.  It is going to help you ease your hunger which may be a mistake in translation after all.

  1. Energize Your Body

When you are tired during the day, drink couple glasses of H2O and you will feel the difference.

  1. Help Rid Kidneys Of Toxins

Apart from the fact that H2O prevents kidney stones, water also helps flush toxins in our body.  Eight cups per day of water is good, but the Institute of Medicine estimates that men should drink approximately 13 cups of water per day and women should drink 9 cups of water per day.

  1. Skin’s Vitality

Skin cells cannot perform without Adam's ale.  When it is hydrated well enough it has the healthy appearance.  If you want to work on the sagginess and drooping, drink this glass of water to reach adequate balance for your skin and muscles.  The ones among us who are prone to oily skin, drinking H2O is very important to help overcome acne and breakouts.

  1. Electrical Energy For Brain Function

There is a link between drinking aqua and the brain function.  We experience blurring, mental fatigue, depression, anger and even headaches when we are dehydrated.  So next time you are going through anger spell, hydrate yourself.  You will be in a better mood.

As in any element, it has the negative side effects.  Over-hydration is a problem you do not want to have because it can cause the level of salt in your blood to drop too low.  This condition is very serious.  It is also called water intoxication.



Leslie Glass is the founder of Reach Out Recovery and the winner of the 2016 ASAM Media Award. Leslie is also the creator of Recovery Guidance, the information website for those seeking addiction and mental healthcare for professionals nationwide. Leslie is a journalist, director/producer of award-winning documentaries, and the author of 15 bestselling novels. Leslie has served as Chairman of the Board of Plays For Living, was a member of the Board of Directors of Mystery Writers of America. She has served as a Public Member of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education, as a VP of The Asolo Theatre, and was a Trustee of the New York City Police Foundation.

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