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St. Patrick’s Sobriety Survival Guide –

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St. Patrick’s Sobriety Survival Guide –

St. Patrick's Day, Adobe

St. Patrick’s Sobriety Survival Guide –

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Holiday sobriety is always a challenge. Especially for holidays like St. Patrick's Day where drinking is ingrained into the holiday festivities. Over the years, we've done a lot of tip guides for how to stay safe when you're sober and confronted with holiday tempting delights, and here's another one because you can never have too many reminders on the sobriety basics.

Holiday Sobriety Needs A Boost

Your holiday sobriety needs support. Unless you are the only person on earth with a totally sane, sober family and a sober group of friends, you will be confronted with things like:

  1. People enjoying alcoholic drinks that you once loved.
  2. Friend's seeing this day as a free pass to get completely wasted.
  3. Drunk people running through the streets like idiots.
  4. People spilling out of bars throughout the day and night.

And more fun stuff like that.

St. Patrick's Day Sobriety Survival Kit

So, my St. Patrick's Day depression-prevention guide includes:

  1. One designated person who is around and available to take my call if necessary.
  2. Talking to a sponsor or sober friend before going into the holiday.
  3. A fool-proof out if I need to leave wherever I am.
  4. Shows I'm excited to watch on my Netflix (especially comedy) if I need to go home and chill.
  5. Foods I'm excited to eat when I get home to chill and watch Netflix
  6. Be of service. We all know showing up for other people can be a lifesaver for them and us, so take the time to check in on other sober people to make sure they're hanging in there too.

Stay safe, stay sane and stay sober :)


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