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Do You Know What To Do For An Opioid Overdose

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Do You Know What To Do For An Opioid Overdose

Take our quiz to see if you know how to help someone who has overdosed.. Learn the do’s and don’ts to save a life.




I was born into a large Catholic Family of 14 children in Upstate New York. I graduated with my degree in Professional and Technical Writing from University of South Florida. My recovery story began when I witnessed addiction in close relatives and friends. Unable to change them I began to focus on what I could change, me. Building a support system for myself I now strive daily to keep the focus on me. In my articles I sometimes share stories from my own experience, strength, and hope. It is my hope that others will find courage to see “the elephant in the room” and seek out help for themselves against this cunning,baffling,and powerful disease.

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