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Meet The Poster Book

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Meet The Poster Book

Posters from the ROR Poster Book

Meet The Poster Book

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How about a poster book that fits in your pocket? ROR is the new Recovery Publisher in town with books that bring inspiration and fun to every recovery journey. We all needed something new to enhance our everyday recovery, didn't we? ROR is not new at publishing unbiased, reliable information on our website. But now we're publishing books and posters that you don't have to go online to see and enjoy. You can have them at your fingertips, right at home or in your recovery facility. Have you seen our first book, Codependent in the Kitchen

The Poster Book Is Inspirational

Creating current, easily-digestible information about mental health and addiction recovery that looks good and gets the point across.Over the years, ROR created a collection of posters for two specific reasons:

  1. We love RECOVERY. Everyone here in our office has been affected by addiction and healed by recovery. We want to help others find the serenity we have.
  2. We love ART. We're creative types and we need an outlet.

As ROR works to create lines of original, up-to-date content for our readers, we felt it was time to offer these posters because so much of our audience works in the recovery world, or has reason to have these kinds of infographics nearby.

Pocket Sized  Poster Book Or Full Sized Posters

All of the colorful posters are also available as 18" by 24" posters, perfect for everything from rehabs, to sober livings, to meeting houses, to any home where people feel recovery information should be close and clear.

Sadly, we’re living in a time where having a poster about Fentanyl facts and opioid overdoses have become a necessity. So, check out the booklet here.

Purchase your posters here.


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