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On The Road With ROR’s Coloring Book –

coloring book around us

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On The Road With ROR’s Coloring Book –

ROR's coloring book

On The Road With ROR’s Coloring Book –

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We're so proud that our coloring book has traveled to so many states that we're having a Where's Waldo contest! We carefully placed the coloring book on every state it's currently being used (i.e. jails, sober living homes, IOP, and counseling centers). Email us (at a list of every state where the coloring book can be found and we'll give you a 25% discount code off of one book!

Coloring book around US

Also, if Find Your True Colors in 12 Steps is NOT currently in your state, help us get it there!! Use code ALL50STATES to get a 10% discount on your purchase! (Hurry - coupon expires on 3/15/2019.)

Serenity - world to color

Recovery means the world to us, as does serenity. That's why we've combined this image with The Serenity Prayer in Chapter Three. We'd love to share some serenity with your corner of the world. To learn more about group discounts, call:


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