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Celebrity Relapse and Recovery


Celebrity Relapse and Recovery

Celebrity relapse is public so is recovery Adobe

Celebrity Relapse and Recovery

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Celebrity relapse. Every time it happens, the media goes crazy. Want to know the #truth about fame, substance use and recovery? Fame sucks unless you’re happy, healthy and surrounded by people who love you and want to make sure you are safe when you get there. This isn't the case with most celebs. People don't always act in their best interest.

Celebrity Relapse Is Judging Time

I had the briefest taste of D level fame once and you know what? The crash from the spotlight was worse than any drug crash I’d ever experienced. Let's face it, the media loves you when you are up only to demolish and humiliate you when you are down, or having a relapse. We see it every day, so don’t think for a minute that wealth, fame, or huge success will make you happy if you’re not happy already. You will be just as unhappy when you get those things as you are now, but it’ll be worse because you won’t understand why you have those things and they don't fulfill your fantasy. And then there's the issue of people judging your every move. Whose ego is strong enough to shake that off?

Missing Human Connection Leads To Relapse

Often, the more success, money, and fame someone achieves, the more isolated they become. You have to protect yourself more when you’re in the public eye, you can’t just walk into any meeting and expect anonymity. Suddenly what people think of you is all that matters but you have less and less human connection. And, if you don’t have close connections with people you trust then you’re always worried if the people around you really care about you. All of sudden you’re alone in a hotel room separated from the world communicating through social media, or worse, staring at your social media looking for approval from people who don’t matter.

Celebrity Relapse Means Coming Back In Public

Relapse is a big part of my story because I lived in it for a long time. Things have gotten easier with age, which is why it’s important to pass this message along.

Keep coming back because it does get better and it does get easier. You just have to find that gritty place inside and dig your heels in.

I had this brilliant shrink at one point who used to tell me to tap into that place I used to go when I was a teenager. That place of rage. Feel it and use it to strengthen your foundation. Trust me, if you can implement rage correctly, it’s a very useful tool. But I digress…

Yes, we should all have good relapse prevention tools, but we should also be realistic about what we want and how we’re trying to get it. So, here’s my reality check.

  1. Work on yourself and your insides while you’re building your career because you have to be solid when you get to success if you want it to last.
  2. If you think fame or fortune will fix you, it won’t. So, know that going in and seek it for the right reasons.
  3. Be very careful who you let manage your life and your career. Not everyone has your health and happiness as a priority. If you’re not able to make the right choice for yourself be damn sure you have someone working for you who will make the right choice, even if that means stopping a multi-million dollar tour.

If you’re someone who wants to have a long-lasting, sustaining career it’s crucial to create a solid foundation of health and wellness going into it.



Lindsey Glass is an expert in Branding, Content Management, and Business Development. She is the Co-founder of, Co-founder

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