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Healing From The Storm: Traumatic Stress Recovery Tip 3 End The Helplessness

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Healing From The Storm: Traumatic Stress Recovery Tip 3 End The Helplessness

Due to Hurricane Harvey and Irma many people have been traumatized. This is the fifth in a series of articles Reach Out Recovery will be publishing to help our readers deal with their trauma. The articles will cover what is trauma, the symptoms, physical responses to trauma, and tips to help recover. 

Tip 3: Challenge your sense of helplessness

Overcoming traumatic stress is all about taking action. Positive action can help you overcome feelings of fear, helplessness, and hopelessness—and even small acts can make a big difference.

  • Volunteer for a cause that’s important to you. As well as helping you to connect to others, volunteering can challenge the sense of helplessness that contributes to trauma.
  • If formal volunteering sounds like too much of a commitment, remember that simply being helpful and friendly to others can deliver stress-reducing pleasure and challenge your sense of helplessness. Help a neighbor carry in their groceries, hold a door open for a stranger, share a smile with the people you meet during the day.  
  • Connect with others affected by the traumatic event or participate in memorials, events, and other public rituals. Feeling connected to others and remembering the lives lost or broken in the event can help overcome the sense of hopelessness that often follows a tragedy.

Boost your ability to take action for traumatic stress

If you’re having trouble following through on positive intentions, HelpGuide’s free emotional intelligence toolkit can help.

  • Learn how to quickly reduce stress.
  • Manage troublesome thoughts and feelings.
  • Motivate yourself to take the steps that can relieve traumatic stress.
  • Improve your relationships and overall health and happiness. 

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