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Las Vegas In Need Of Trauma Counselors

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Las Vegas In Need Of Trauma Counselors

After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, thousands of people could need trauma counseling in a state that has minimal resources for that.

The call went out Monday from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Less than 24 hours earlier, from a suite on the 32nd floor, Stephen Paddock had squeezed off enough rounds from an AK-47-type rifle to kill at least 59 people and injure more than 500. And now, again, the hotel sought urgent help.

“We are in need of certified trauma counselors,” it tweeted. And then these details: “If you can volunteer your time, please go to Circus Circus — Ballroom D where you will be given an assignment. . . . We are grateful for the support of our community.”

Long after the dead have been buried and the wounded have returned home, say experts, psychological distress from Sunday night’s mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip will linger.

The question is whether Las Vegas specifically, and Nevada generally, will be able to meet the need in the weeks, months and even years to come.

Nevada ranks 51st among all states and the District of Columbia in mental health resources and access to treatment, according to the most recent annual report from Mental Health America, a community-based nonprofit. Ninety percent of severely depressed youths in the state received no treatment or inadequate treatment last year, it noted. Sixteen of Nevada’s 17 counties were listed by the federal government as mental-health-professional-shortage areas.

Content Originally Published By: Amy Ellis Nutt @ The Washington Post

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