I’m so inspired to share the top nine most important things I’ve learned about life and how to navigate through it to experience the most joy, love, and fulfillment possible!

(1) Being of service to others is the biggest factor in maintaining my connection with my innermost source of energy.

I uplift others by letting my highest self shine through my being and inspire the actions I take. When my highest self expresses itself through me, it draws out that same highest self from others.

(2) Meditating for 3 minutes, 3 times a day (what I call 3×3 Meditation) is the major factor in my life change.

From losing weight to lowering cholesterol to transforming relationships to releasing addictive cravings, mini-meditations have worked for everything I’ve tried them on.

(3) I have complete freedom when I have no need for “how” and “why” anymore.

Giving up needing to know “how” means relaxing into complete trust that if I follow my intuition (the nudges of my highest self) moment by moment, life will work out in a delicious, amazingly effortless, delightfully satisfying way. Letting go of “why” is releasing resistance to what is and turning my focus toward finding solution rather than defining or justifying the problem.

(4) I’ve learned that taking action only from inspiration rather than pushing forward when I don’t feel quite ready is actually much more practical and efficient!

At first I thought I would never get anything done living this way, but when my intention is to let my intuitive inspiration arise and I find myself in complete alignment with whatever action I’m taking, the joy I find from even the most mundane tasks is infinite. Doing laundry can be blissful. Really!

(5) My thoughts – well really, how I feel about what I spend my time thinking about – create my world, either by default or intentionally.

It’s easy to let the thoughts in my mind run by default, but if I take the time and energy to consciously notice what emotion a thought brings up for me, I can practice letting go of thoughts that evoke negative emotions and cultivating thoughts that evoke positive emotions. As I focus more and more on honing my positive thoughts, I’ll begin to notice how my relationships, my circumstances, and even my health, respond favorably.

(6) My body responds instantly to the thoughts I’m thinking.

As different thoughts and beliefs enter my conscious awareness, my body either feels expanded and relaxed or tense and contracted. I can tell by the way I feel in my body if my thoughts are creating the results I want in my life.

(7) Life doesn’t have to be full of struggle and hard work in order to be successful and fulfilling.

The way I live now is by relaxing into the guidance of my highest self moment by moment, like birds do as they fly in perfect formation. It’s kind of like falling asleep – instead of working to figure out how to accomplish it, I just relax into it and let it guide me.

(8) There is no source of evil.

Every living being has a core of goodness, of well-being. Profound disconnection from that core can result in what might look to be acts of evil, but I really believe that these are only because of an individual’s (sometimes horrific depth of) disconnection from that innermost source of loving energy. Darkness doesn’t have its own source, it’s just the absence of connection to a source of light.

(9) Life is meant to be abundant, joyful and full of well-being.

Any circumstance or physical condition can be improved by tapping into the greater intelligence, the innermost essence, that we all are born from!

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